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Voting Instructions for Plenary Senate Meetings
The Faculty Senate will be piloting a new voting system for use during plenary Senate meetings. Voting will no longer be done within Mediasite. As a current Faculty Senator, you have already been registered to vote. In order to use the new system, it will be necessary to open a new web browser (Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.). In addition, you should also keep Mediasite open to avoid having to reopen Mediasite after voting. A Senate office staff member will be monitoring the incoming votes, and your votes will be anonymous, meaning that your name and/or email are not in any way connected to your vote, even though you are logged in.
  • To vote, please open a new web browser and type in this URL:
    • Click on "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner
    • Enter your entire email address (e.g.,
    • Enter the password senate (Text Case Sensitive-Must use all lower case letters)
    • Click "Sign in with my Poll Everywhere account" or press the enter key on your keyboard
    • The poll will appear on your screen when the vote is ready to be taken
    • Select A to accept or B to reject
      • Your vote will automatically be recorded and will be visible to the presenter immediately

If you have questions concerning the voting procedure, please email Anna Butler at

Questions and comments regarding web issues,
please contact Anna Butler.
Phone: 814-863-0221

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