Section Five: The Dickinson School of Law

  1. Law Course Proposals
  2. Graduate Course Proposals

Bylaws Article VII, Section 5, of the 1998-99 issue of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate provides the authorization for the approval of courses taken by law students in the law curriculum. It reads as follows:

Section 5
The faculty of the Dickinson School of Law is delegated responsibility for the approval and content of courses taken by law students in the law curriculum (900-level courses). This delegation of responsibility is subject to review and revision by the University Faculty Senate. The review process shall include the submission of all 900-level courses to the Curriculum Coordinator for inclusion on the Senate Curriculum Report (Blue Sheet) and will be subject to the same hold and approval procedures as those listed in the Guide to Curricular Procedures.

A. Law Course Proposals

New and/or changes in law courses (900 level) at the Dickinson School of Law are presented to the Curriculum Committee and approved by the Faculty at Dickinson. Once approved, the proposals are published in the Senate Curriculum Report. Any questions or objections to any proposal should be directed to the Curriculum Committee through the Senate Office.

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B. Graduate Course Proposals

All graduate courses must be processed through the standard procedures of the Graduate School as defined by the Graduate Council.

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