October 13, 2015 (Volume 44, Number 2)


TO: All Senators, Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, Deans, Chancellors, Heads of Departments (Programs, Divisions, Intercollege Programs), Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education, and Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses.


Questions concerning items that have been held must be resolved within a 90-day period following the approval date of the Senate Curriculum Report. The proposals will be returned to the presenting departments if the hold is not resolved by the end of the 90-day period unless an extension of the hold is granted by the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs.

August 25, 2015, Senate Curriculum Report, Volume 44, Number 1

44-01-046 Civil Engineering, B.S., New IUG, Penn State Harrisburg
Approved academically, pending administrative approval by the Executive Vice President and Provost

44-01-089 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor, Add Cluster, Intercollege
Approved academically, pending administrative approval by the Executive Vice President and Provost

44-01-090 Labor and Employment Relations, A.S., New, Liberal Arts
Approved academically, pending administrative approval by the Executive Vice President and Provost


The Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs is considering the attached proposals. New majors, options, and minors become effective following the approval of the Executive Vice President and Provost. New courses and courses being dropped become effective the first semester following the approval of this Report unless otherwise specified. Changes in existing course offerings will become effective the date of the first published Schedule of Courses listing the changed course, unless written objection is received at the Senate Office, 101 Kern Graduate Building (814-863-0996) on or before September 24, 2015. A copy of any written objection sent to the Senate Office must also be sent to the college/campus representative of the sponsoring unit. Senate Office staff will communicate the objection to the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs. Any item to which written objection is made will be reconsidered by the appropriate committee and may be delayed for scheduling.

New Programs: Majors, Options, and Minors
Data Sciences, B.S., New, College of Engineering, College of IST, Eberly College of Science
Digital Media Trends and Analytics Minor, New, College of Communications, College of IST
Sustainability Leadership, Add Tracks, Intercollege

Academic Programs [Majors/Options/Minors] Phase-Out

Moving/Discontinuing Degree Programs Among Colleges/Campuses of the University

For curriculum information (guidelines, forms, etc.), visit the Senate’s curriculum page at http://www.senate.psu.edu/curriculum.asp.


Asad Azemi, Vice Chair, Brandywine
Michael Bartolacci, Berks
Arthur S. Berg, Medicine
Raymonde Brown, Nursing
David Christiansen, Resource, ACUE
Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Communications
Michele Duffey, Health and Human Development
Jacqueline Edmondson, Resource, Undergraduate Education
Andris Freivalds, Graduate Council Representative
Marc A. Friedenberg, Information Sciences and Technology
Paula K. Hamaty, Resource, University Registrar
Sally A. Heffentreyer, Resource, University Relations
James Jaap, Greater Allegheny
Kenneth C. Keiler, Science
William C. Kenyon, Arts and Architecture
Timothy Lawlor, Medicine
Suzanna Linn, Liberal Arts
Eric Oh, Student
Judith Ozment, Abington
Timothy W. Palmer, Medicine
Julia D. Plummer, Education
Lisa L. Posey, Business
John Potochny, Medicine
Ljubisa Radovic, Earth and Mineral Sciences
Christina Ricketts, Student
Emily Rimland, Resource, Libraries
Janet Schulenberg, Resource, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Robert D. Shannon, Agricultural Sciences
Keith D. Shapiro, Arts and Architecture
Richard Singer, Altoona
Margaret J. Slattery, Chair, Engineering
Rodney Troester, Erie
Matthew T. Wilson, Harrisburg



APPENDIX A (Undergraduate)


  • Graduate
  • International Affairs, School of (No proposals submitted)
  • Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Credit Certificate Programs (No proposals submitted)



Subcommittee on Retention and Transfer