Resources for First-Year Engagement Plans

This website provides resources regarding the development of First-Year Engagement Plans.

Approved First-Year Engagement Plans

Committee Charge and Members

Legislative Report, April 29, 2008: Report on the Ad Hoc First-Year Seminar Committee

April 29, 2008 Record Discussion

Implementation of First-Year Engagement Plans (Oct 2009 report)

Senate General Education Legislation (March 1998) – Final Report and Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

FYS Goals – 2008 Senate Report

  • engage students in learning and orient them to the scholarly community from the outset of their undergraduate studies in a way that will bridge to later experiences in their chosen majors, and
  • facilitate students’ adjustment to the high expectations, demanding workload, increased liberties, and other aspects of the transition to college life.

FYS Objectives – 2008 Senate Report

  • to introduce students to university study,
  • to introduce students to Penn State as an academic community, including fields of study and areas of interest available to students,
  • to acquaint students with the learning tools and resources available at Penn State,
  • to provide an opportunity for students to develop relationships with full-time faculty and other students in an academic area of interest to them, and
  • to introduce students to their responsibilities as part of the University community.