FYE Committee Charge and Members

Charge (original – PDF)

Date: September 11, 2008

From: Ingrid M. Blood and Robert N. Pangborn


  • Andrea Dowhower
  • Caroline D. Eckhardt (co-chair)
  • Roger Egolf
  • Yvonne M. Gaudelius (co-chair)
  • Linda C. Higginson
  • Michele S. Kirsch
  • Katherine A. Paseka
  • Robert D. Reason
  • Blaine E. Steensland
  • Michael E. Wallace

Thank you for your willingness to serve on the Joint Senate/Administrative Review Committee of the First-Year Engagement Plans. This Committee will have responsibility for insuring that the Senate legislation adopted in April 2008 to govern the first-year experience of our Penn State students is ready for implementation by all campuses and colleges by Summer 2009.

The charge to the Committee includes:

  1. Evaluating how the plan submitted by each of the campus and college units complies with the principles of the legislation, including:
  • Delivery of first-year seminars for all entering students (University Park only)
  • Provision for a small-class experience taught by a full-time faculty member
  • Reinforcement of student engagement with orientation, advising or student affairs programs
  • Ensuring that Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) students have access to First-Year Seminars in the colleges in proportion to their majors of interest (University Park).
  1. Affirming that the two goals and five objectives specified in the Senate legislation are addressed by the above in each unit plan, and that an appropriate assessment program has been outlined with which to measure attainment of those goals and objectives.
  2. Overseeing the publication of the unit plans on the respective websites.

To aid the units in developing their plans, the Review Committee is asked to accommodate the following timeline:

By October 1, develop and disseminate a guideline for preparation of the unit plans;

In October/November, schedule and hold such forums as will provide an opportunity for the units to share ideas and approaches for first-year students;

By February 1, collect unit plans; and

By March 15, provide feedback to each unit for plan refinement.

Thank you.

cc:     Susan C. Youtz