Guidelines for Submitting New and Revised Unit Constitutions

Revisions to Unit Constitutions must be reviewed by the Senate Unit Constitution Subcommittee and, subsequently, by Senate Council for official ratification.A faculty organization proposing to make changes to their unit’s constitution must prepare a “marked-up” copy of the most current constitution with revisions/amendments emphasized with bold or another color and with deletions marked with strike-throughs. The rationale for revisions should be included in a separate document.

These documents should be sent electronically to the Faculty Senate Office by the Chair of the Faculty Organization with a request to have the revisions reviewed. Please send the documents to Dr. Dawn Blasko, Executive Director, Office of the University Faculty Senate:

When the document is received at the Senate Office, it will be forwarded to the Chair of the Unit Constitution Subcommittee and Secretary of the Senate for review. If it is determined that the revisions can be efficiently handled by an electronic review, the revisions will be sent to the Unit Constitution Subcommittee.

If the revisions are not able to be reviewed electronically, a meeting for the Unit Constitution Subcommittee will be scheduled. The person submitting the revisions will attend the meeting to provide a summary of the revisions and to respond to questions.

If approved by the Subcommittee, the revision of the unit’s constitution will be placed on the next Senate Council Agenda. During the Senate Council meeting, the revisions will be voted on. If approved for ratification, a memo will be sent to:

  • The Dean/Chancellor of the College/Campus submitting the request
  • The Chair of the Faculty Organization
  • The designated Senate Council Representative

Following final approval, an electronic copy of the Unit Constitution with appropriate approval and ratification dates should be sent to the Senate Office. This document will be maintained on permanent file and posted to the Senate website.

For more specific information to guide the creation or revision of a faculty governance organization and its governing documents, see the Guidelines for Faculty Governance Organizations.