NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Position Description

Penn State
University Faculty Senate
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Position Description
The Faculty Athletics Representative

  • serves as an ex officio member of the Senate Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics and as the primary liaison between the Athletic Director and the Faculty Senate;
  • acts on behalf of the University faculty to certify eligibility for competition and financial aid;
  • approves minor exceptions to Senate Policy 67-00 [Athletic Competition] normal progress and GPA policies;
  • approves waivers for outside competition;
  • assists student athletes in pursuing and receiving academic awards;
  • reviews proposed NCAA and Big Ten legislation and assists in developing an institutional position on such matters;
  • reviews forms and documents related to compliance with Policy 67-00, Big Ten and NCAA rules;
  • administers the NCAA Coaching Certification examination;
  • facilitates research and data collection related to intercollegiate athletics, in general, and the academic status of student athletes, specifically;
  • assists in preparing waivers related to NCAA and Big Ten rules;
  • consults with the President, Athletic Director, and faculty regarding any matters related to the general status of intercollegiate athletics;
  • participates in investigations of possible rule infractions;
  • represents Penn State at NCAA, Big Ten, and other appropriate meetings or conventions;
  • approves minor exceptions to committee-approved University Park intercollegiate athletic schedules following consultation with the chair;
  • reports to the Senate Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics all University Park varsity athletic schedules prior to the beginning of the sport season and schedule changes as they occur, all excused class absences for athletic teams each semester, and academic eligibility of athletes for both grade-point deficiency and normal progress each semester;
  • presents a summary of the year’s activities to the Senate annually;
  • advises Faculty Athletics Representatives at campuses other than University Park, as appropriate.
  • annual address to new student athletes
  • serving on or chairing search committees for head coaches and administrative positions
  • attend regular meetings with head coaches
  • regular meetings with ICA administration
  • attending practices and competitions to understand student welfare issues
  • reviews and consults on compliance infractions
  • attends and serves on university level meetings and committees as pertains to athletics

Revision: April 2013