42-23 Credit Requirements by Types of Instruction–ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 3/15/16 revisions

Course credit by instruction may be achieved by a variety of educational experiences that allow the student to work toward mastery of the course objectives. There are, however, some common minimum requirements that must be established and these should be consistent for all credit earned by instruction regardless of delivery method. With the acknowledged goal of educational excellence, more than the minimum established here may be required for mastery of course objectives.

  1. The course must be in the charge of a qualified member of the University’s instructional staff, and formal evaluation of the student’s achievement must be included in the course.
  2. For the typical student, a total of forty (40) hours of work planned and arranged by the University faculty is required to gain 1 credit.

The distribution of time between class activities and outside preparation may vary from course to course and examples of this division of time for sample types of instruction are detailed below. This is intended to include all forms of educational experiences in courses, which may include in- person, electronic, or pre-recorded content delivered through resident, on-line, or hybrid instruction.

Lecture, Discussion, Seminar, or Recitation. A combination of formal and informal instruction may occur and when combined with outside preparation must sum to the minimum of 40 hours of work per credit hour. The typical distribution of time is approximately one-third instruction and two-thirds outside preparation.

Laboratory Courses. The distribution of time may vary from twenty-five (25) to forty (40) hours of laboratory instruction per credit with sufficient additional outside preparation.

Undergraduate theses, projects, service learning, individualized instruction, and other forms of educational experience through courses. At least forty (40) hours of work are required per credit with varying amounts of individual instruction and may include courses delivered off-campus at locations either domestic or abroad.

Student Teaching and Internships. At least forty (40) hours of work are required per credit. Prior written approval of the appropriate University faculty is required for subsequent granting of credit.

Revised: 2/4/75 (as Rule L-2)
Revised: 9/10/13