47-40 Grading System-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 10/27/15 revisions

Grades for undergraduate and graduate students shall be reported by the following letters: A, A-, B, B+, B-, C+, C, D, or F. In addition the symbols of SA and UN may be recorded on the student’s transcript in accordance with Section 49-60. Courses that do not carry credit shall be graded P if passed and F if failed. The symbols of W, WN, R, DF, AU, and S also may be recorded in place of grades in accord with Section 42-50.2; 48-40; 48-80; and 49-40.

XF grade–see 49-20 for assignment, designates a disciplinary sanction assigned due to academic misconduct.

Revised: 1/9/73 (as Rule M-2)
Revised: 10/14/75
Revised: 1/6/76
Revised: 9/11/84
Revised: 10/2/84
Revised: 4/30/85
Revised: 10/8/95
Revised: 1/23/90
Revised Editorially: 1/11/05
Revised Editorially: 4/10/07
Revised: 3/16/10