48-20 Failure to Complete a Course-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 10/27/15 revisions

  1. When a student officially drops a course within the course drop period, no symbol or grade of any kind is to be reported.
  2. When a student officially drops a course after the course drop period, a symbol of WN, according to the policies of Sections 34-89, is to be reported.
  3. When a student registers for a course but ceases to attend class without officially dropping the course, the student is to be given a grade of F in the course.
  4. When a student officially withdraws from the University in accordance with Section 56-30, the symbol W shall be reported for each course, unless an accusation of academic dishonesty has been made against the withdrawing student. In such a case, Section 49-20 supersedes the assignment of the symbol W in that course.
  5. A symbol of W shall be recorded for unsatisfactory attendance in an audited course in accordance with Section 48-80.

Revised: 1/9/73 (as Rule M-4)
Revised: 9/8/77
Revised: 3/16/10