51-00 Grade-Point Average

51-30 Method of Calculation of Grade Points

The number of grade points obtained by a student in any course shall be computed by multiplying the number of credits in the course by the grade-point equivalent of the grade in the course as specified in Section 47-60. Courses taken under the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading system are not used in computing grade points.

Example: HIST 020, 3 credits, grade B, produces 9 grade points, and MATH 006, 3 credits, grade F, gives 0 grade points.

Revised: 9/9/75

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51-50 Cumulative Grade-Point Average

Revisions to this policy were approved at the April 24, 2018 Senate meeting. These revisions are pending implementation procedures. For more information, view the legislation.

A student’s cumulative grade-point average is the weighted mean value of all grade points (see Section 51-30) earned either by enrollment or examinations in courses at the University. The cumulative GPA for a student who is completing more than one undergraduate major program, either a sequential or concurrent degree, will be computed using the grades earned in all courses taken at the University, except for the following: (Note: the words student and undergraduate student are used to designate a baccalaureate or associate degree candidate, or a nondegree student.)

  1. a baccalaureate degree candidate who has completed associate degree 800-level courses– cumulative grade-point average will be based on all courses completed, other than associate degree 800-level;
  2. a student who has been approved for academic renewal–cumulative grade-point average will be computed in accordance with Senate Policy 58-60.

Revised: 12/11/73 (as Rule N-1)
Revised: 2/5/74 (as Rule N-1)
Revised: 4/6/76
Revised: 6/2/81
Revised: 10/6/81
Revised: 4/6/82
Revised: 5/3/83
Revised: 4/3/84
Revised: 3/29/88
Revised: 4/25/95
Revised: 4/27/99
Revised: 2/29/00
Revised: 2/1/05
Revised: 10/25/05
Revised: 4/29/14

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51-70 Grade-Point Deficiency

Revisions approved by the Senate 9/9/14 included the removal of Policy 51-70.  Archive

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