54-54 Associate Degree Candidates-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 9/9/14 revisions

An associate degree candidate shall be dropped as a degree candidate for unsatisfactory scholarship based on the following table:

Total Credits ScheduledGrade-Point Deficiency*
20 to 29.516 or more
30 to 49.514 or more
50 to 59.512 or more
60 and more8 or more

This schedule of actions shall not apply to an associate degree student who has earned a 2.00 average or better in the semester under question.

*Grade-point deficiency is defined in Section 51-70.

Revised: 10/14/75 (as Rule P-23)
Revised: 11/11/75 (as Rule P-23)
Revised: 1/9/79
Revised: 2/28/84
Revised: 1/19/93
Revised: 4/25/95