54-82 Dropped for Unsatisfactory Scholarship-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 9/9/14 revisions

A student who has been dropped as a degree candidate from the University for unsatisfactory scholarship may enroll in credit courses on a space-available basis (or in Independent Learning credit courses) as a non-degree conditional student, in order to reduce the grade-point deficiency, subject to Section 14-00.

The student may request reinstatement from the dean of the college in which reinstatement is sought. In order to be reinstated to degree candidacy, a student must have reduced the grade-point deficiency at the time of the drop by at least one-half before applying for reinstatement, and have reduced the grade-point deficiency below the point at which the student would be dropped again in accordance with Sections 54-52 and 54-54. Colleges may specify stricter grade-point deficiency reduction or attainment of a cumulative grade-point average consistent with entrance to college and major standards in effect at the time of reinstatement. The student must also meet any additional requirements for entrance to the college and major in which reinstatement is sought. Any candidate reinstated and re-enrolled as a degree candidate shall continue to be subject to the minimum standards specified in Section 54-20.

The dean of the college, subject to the approval of the director of the Division of Undergraduate Studies, may recommend that the student be reinstated and re-enrolled directly into the division.

Note a: A reinstatement fee is charged at the time that the request for reinstatement is granted.

Note b: Reinstatement and re-enrollment are two separate actions. A student seeking reinstatement must request re-enrollment at the same time. See Section 58-20.

Note c: Because grades earned at another college or university are not transferred to a student’s academic record at the University, they are not used in calculating the student’s grade-point average or any grade-point deficiency. Thus, work done at another institution is not taken into consideration for reinstatement.

Note d: An annual report of reinstatement actions taken by each college is to be submitted by the dean to the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling and Student Aid. This report shall be due by the beginning of each fall semester for the previous academic year.

Revised: 4/14/55 (as Rule P-4)
Revised: 3/2/76
Revised: 2/24/87