Appendix D



Revisions to the Standing Rules, Article II, Section 6(f) Committee on Faculty Benefits


Implementation: Upon Approval by the Senate


The Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits reviewed its membership and duties in response to a charge from Senate Chair Strauss.  The Committee has requested that those elements be revised to reflect the importance of benefits provided to the faculty and the relationship between the Committee and the Office of Human Resources.

Please note that the following contains bold text for additions and strikeouts indicating deleted text. Deleted text is notated with [Delete] [End Delete]. Added text is notated with [Add] [End Add].

(f) Committee on Faculty Benefits

  1. Membership:

(i) At least seven elected faculty senators

(ii) [Delete] Associate [End Delete] Vice President for Human Resources*

(iii) [Add] Two additional resource members from the Office of Human Resources* [End Add] 

(iv) One retired faculty senator

(v) [Add] One representative from the Health Care Advisory Committee (HCAC) [End Add]

*nonvoting unless Article IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws applies

  1. Selection: By the Committee on Committees and Rules
  1. Duties: The Committee on Faculty Benefits shall investigate and be the faculty’s voice on the adequacy and other attributes of the University’s provisions for [Add] total compensation [End Add] (salaries,  [Add] and benefits), and any other perquisites affecting  [End Add] [Delete] retirement privileges and benefits, sabbatical leaves, hospitalization and medical insurance, life insurance, other insurance, investment and savings plans, travel reimbursement, educational benefits, recreational benefits, and other perquisites, benefits and [End Delete] conditions of faculty employment. It shall maintain liaison with the Joint Committee on Insurance and Benefits  [Add] (JCIB) [End Add] and the  [Add] Health Care Advisory Committee (HCAC)  [End Add]  [Delete]  Joint Faculty/Administrative Committee to Monitor Travel Policies. [End Delete]
    1. Mandated reports:
      1. [Add] Faculty Salary Report (Informational)
      2. Sponsor annual JCIB report each October, regarding the University Benefits reviewed by the committee in the prior year (Informational)
      3. Childcare Report (Informational) [End Add]

The Committee shall report to and make recommendations to the Senate at least annually. The Committee on Faculty Benefits shall have the authority to approve its mandated Informational Reports for publication to the Senate Agenda. The committee shall send its Informational Reports to the Senate Council.


    • Jonathan Abel
    • Mohamad Ansari
    • Dawn Blasko, Chair
    • Mark Casteel
    • Pamela Hufnagel
    • William Kelly, Vice Chair
    • Beth King
    • Richard Robinett
    • Keith Shapiro
    • James Strauss
    • Jane Sutton
    • Ann Taylor
    • Kent Vrana
    • Matthew Woessner