Appendix W



New Members Document


This document has been prepared for new committee members, as charged by Chair James Strauss. It reflects changes proposed by the Senate Committee on Research, the predecessor of this committee regarding the name, membership, and duties.  Those proposed changes are the subject of a Legislative Report considered by the Senate at its April 25, 2017 plenary session

This document, drawn from the Senate Standing Rules, is a reference that provides information about the structure and function of the Committee on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.

  1. Membership

(i) At least ten elected faculty senators

(ii) One graduate student senator

(iii) One undergraduate student senator

(iv) Six members of the Graduate Council Committee on Graduate Research including the Committee Chair

(v) Vice President for Research*

(vi) Vice Provost for Graduate Education / Dean of the Graduate School*

(vii) Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs**

(viii) Associate Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer**

(ix) Associate Vice President for Research, Director of Research Protections**

*nonvoting unless Article IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws applies

**nonvoting resource person for the committee

  1. Membership Selection

Made by the Committee on Committees and Rules. Members from the Graduate Council Committee on Graduate Research will be chosen in consultation with the Graduate Council.

  1. Duties

The Committee on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity is charged with fostering and promoting the creation of new knowledge by faculty and students in all disciplines across the Penn State campuses, as well as with facilitating interdisciplinary and intercampus collaboration in this regard. It shall be the Senate advisory body to the Vice President for Research and to the Vice Provost for Graduate Education/Dean of the Graduate School. In the realm of graduate research, scholarship, and creative activity it works closely with the Graduate Council Committee on Research (whose chair and members serve on the Committee) to achieve common aims and shared objectives. Within the advisory and consultative functions of the Senate, it shall advise and consult on all matters involving research policies and services, as well as on issues relating to intellectual property and technology transfer. In conjunction with the Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology Committee, it shall ensure an active faculty role in the formulation of all research computing and information systems policies as they affect faculty and students. In collaboration with the University Planning Committee, it advises and consults on matters related to facilities, including facilities and administration costs. It shall make recommendations to Senate Council on the establishment, reorganization, or discontinuation of organized research units and institutes. It will maintain a formal liaison with the University Research Council and its chair shall serve as a member of that body.

  1. Mandated reports

None. The committee shall send its Informational Reports to the Senate Council.

  1. Liaison with other Senate, Administrative, Special or Joint Committees

One member of the committee shall serve on the Penn State Press Editorial Committee.  The chair shall serve on the University Research Council and act as the committee’s liaison to that body.

  1. Policies and Guidelines That Are Routinely Used or Referenced by the SCRSCA

AD89 University Export Control Policy
ADG09 Export Compliance Definitions, Procedures, and Implementation Guidelines

IP01 Ownership and Management of Intellectual Property
IP02 Co-Authorship of Scholarly Reports, Papers and Publications
IP06 Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Activities
IPG01 Faculty Guidance on Student Intellectual Property Rights
IPG02 Special Student IP Agreement Forms
IPG03 What to Expect When Licensing a Penn State Technology to a Start-Up
IPG04 Acceptance of Donated PI by PSU

RA All Research Administration Policies and Guidelines

RP All Research Protections Policies and Guidelines


  • Ali Borhan
  • Yohchia Frank Chen
  • Alison Franklin
  • Andrew Geller
  • Michael Hickner
  • Kathleen Hodgdon
  • Janet Hughes
  • Andrey Krasilnikov
  • Derek Kreager
  • Todd LaJeunesse
  • Joshua Lambert
  • George Moldovan
  • Sudarshan Nelatury
  • Rogerio Neves, Vice Chair
  • Kevin Reuning
  • Andrew Schulz, Chair
  • Alok Sinha
  • Mort Webster