President’s Response: Course and Classroom Scheduling Recommendations

DATE:      June 28, 2017
FROM:     Eric J. Barron
TO:           Matthew Woessner

Thank you for your advisory/consultative report, Course and Classroom Scheduling Recommendations, which was passed by the Senate at its meeting on April 25, 2017.

I appreciate the concerns associated with the implementation of the new course and classroom scheduling process and the related CollegeNET software.   It is understandable that there has been a learning curve associated with the introduction of this new enterprise­ wide IT system, especially as it coincided with the adoption of a new enterprise-wide standard class meeting schedule.   As more is learned about the functionality of the system, adjustments are being made to better align the resultant classroom assignments and attributes to the course and instructional needs. This experience with the system, combined with consideration of the applicable recommendations in the Senate report, will then help to inform the changes that need to be made to Policy AD-82 – Classroom Scheduling, with the goal of ensuring efficient and productive use of our available instructional spaces.

cc:  Blannie E. Bowen
David J. Gray
Daniel R. Hagen
Nicholas P. Jones
Robert A. Kubat
Robert N. Pangborn