President’s Response: Grade Distribution

DATE:      June 28, 2017
FROM:     Eric J. Barron
TO:           Matthew Woessner

Thank you for the advisory and consultative report on Grade Distribution, passed by the University Faculty Senate on April 25, 2017.

Comprehensive assessment of the University’s academic programs is crucial in evaluating and improving the student experience, and longitudinal monitoring of the grade distribution by program is one of the applicable metrics. With leadership from the Office of Planning and Assessment and the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, tools and best practices can be developed to enable evaluation of grade distribution at the departmental and division level. The Office of Undergraduate Education will provide leadership for the examination of University policies and procedures related to the various ways that grades are used across the University.   I am supportive of this initiative to develop and implement a plan for systematic and regular review.

cc:  Blannie E. Bowen
Daniel R. Hagen
Nicholas P. Jones
Robert A. Pangborn