Appendix C



Embedded Study Abroad Courses: planning, resources, challenges, implementation


The Global Programs Committee will lead a 15 minute Forensic Discussion on the challenges, needs, and opportunities faculty encounter arranging, marketing, and executing a short-term, embedded study abroad courses.

Our Global Programs Committee’s intention is to secure feed-back from faculty and students about embedded study abroad course opportunities and create discussions and opportunities to allow more faculty and students to participate in these experiences.  Being appreciative of everyone’s time and opinions, we will pilot an instant Audience Poll technology, allowing everyone in the audience to text their responses and questions anonymously for all to see on the screen (we will capture the responses for review). The two questions to be considered for our discussion are:

  1. What steps would you recommend to encourage more students to participate in short-term embedded study abroad courses?
  1. What resources would you recommend to encourage faculty from all campuses to lead short-term embedded study abroad courses?

Our discussion will feature a faculty member, experienced in embedded abroad course offerings, leading a discussion on the opportunities such courses represent, as well as the challenges faced by faculty including funding, marketing, registration and documentation, associated paper work, and risk management.

Complementing the faculty perspective, an outstanding student, Nick Miller, Smeal College of Business, majoring in finance, will speak on the transformative impact numerous study abroad experiences had on his Penn State education. Through programs available at PSU Lehigh Valley, Nick participated in two abroad trips to Peru and The Netherlands.  Additionally, he completed an international Internship in Finance in Tunisia. Nick started a drone business through INVENT PSU and Lehigh Valley LaunchBOX, established an international philanthropy, and has now traveled to 20 plus countries.  He completed a Co-op experience with Price Waterhouse Coopers and an internship with JP Morgan. Nick had employment opportunities with JP Morgan, Price Waterhouse, and IBM, and eventually chose a position with IBM.  In all cases, Nick’s international experiences helped to differentiate himself from other competitive applicants.


  • Michel Adewumi
  • Augustin Banyaga
  • Timothy Farley
  • Sam Finn
  • Andrew Freiberg
  • Dennis Jett, Vice Chair
  • Jvotsna Kalavar
  • Michael Krajsa, Chair
  • Nancy Luke
  • Sinfree Makoni
  • Joshua Pannaman
  • Jackie Schwab
  • Jim Song
  • Emmanuel Teye
  • Nicole Webster