Appendix F



Revisions to Senate Standing Rules Article II Section 6(o) Committee on University Planning


Implementation: Upon approval by the Senate


The committee reviewed mandated reports and concluded that the Space Allocation and Utilization Report should be changed from an annual report to a Biennial report. There are usually not significant space allocation changes each year to a warrant a report.  The University Planning Committee can decide to sponsor a Space Allocation and Utilization Report more frequently if there are significant changes to report to the Senate.  In addition, over time the Committee has been consulted on additional facets of planning for University functions; these facets should be reflected in the Committee’s scope.

Proposed Changes to Senate Standing Rules

Please note that the following contains bold text for additions and strikeouts indicating deleted text. Deleted text is notated with [Delete] [End Delete]. Added text is notated with [Add] [End Add].

The Committee on University Planning solely and in consultation with other committees, shall report on and/or propose action on matters of University planning that affect development and alumni relations, physical plant resources, and the academic and financial policies of the University. In accordance with the Constitutional advisory and consultative roles of the Senate, specific areas of responsibilities include but are not limited to: the allocation of resources among units and functions as they relate to educational policy;, academic planning, [Add] strategic planning, [End Add] development planning, and campus and physical planning [Add] including safety and security of persons, buildings, and other facilities. [End Add]

The committee shall be the primary Senate body advisory to the Office of the President, including the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business/Treasurer, Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, and the Executive Vice President/Provost, for all planning functions; and shall review those functions of the University that contribute to the planning processes. The committee shall participate in the development and review of the master plans for each of the University’s campuses and be consulted regularly in regards to proposed changes to those plans. In addition, this committee shall assist in creating an understanding of the University’s planning functions among all units within the University. The committee shall have access to all information necessary to perform their charge.

Mandated Reports

  1. Annual Construction Report
    b. [Delete] Annual [End Delete][ Add] Biennial [End Add] Space Allocation and Utilization Report
    c. Annual University Budget and Planning Report
    d. Biennial Development and Alumni Relations Report

The Committee on University Planning shall have the authority to approve its mandated Informational Reports for publication to the Senate Agenda. The committee shall send its Informational Reports to the Senate Council.


  • Jonathan Abel
  • Mohamad Ansari
  • Larry Backer
  • Dawn Blasko, Chair
  • Mark Casteel
  • Pamela Hufnagel
  • William Kelly, Vice Chair
  • Richard Robinett
  • Keith Shapiro
  • James Strauss
  • Jane Sutton
  • Ann Taylor
  • Kent Vrana
  • Matthew Woessner