Appendix H



Articulation Agreement Review



During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid (ARSSA), initiated a five-year review of all articulation agreements listed on the Office of the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education’s website ( The five-year review is referenced in Senate Policy 06-20, but it had never been executed. All agreements dated prior to 2010 were reviewed.


In January 2016, ARSSA chair, Michel M. Haigh, sent a letter to each member of the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (ACUE). The letter contained a list of all the articulation agreements the unit had. Each unit was asked to respond with the information by March 2016. The letter requested each unit provide the following for each agreement:

  1. Renewal of the agreement: submit a cover memo and the former proposal with an addendum noting changes made to the proposal online or state no changes have been made. If the current agreement was different than the information listed online, an updated copy of the current agreement detailing changes and justification for those changes were also requested. Statistics on the number of students participating since initial approval were also submitted.
  2. For revision of an agreement: submit a cover memo and an addendum that included statistics on the number of students participating since initial approval, an addendum listing course changes or other information that needed to be updated.
  3. For termination of an agreement: submit a cover memo and an explanation of the reason for discontinuation, as well as a plan for phase out. The unit was in charge of informing the external college or university of the termination.


After the March deadline, the ARSSA chair worked with Clark Brigger, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions; Robert Kubat, University Registrar; and Anna Griswold, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of Student Aid; to review the materials submitted. If a unit did not respond, the agreements were terminated. In some cases, the agreements were so dated, it was easier to terminate and start over rather than trying to update the information on file. There were roughly 107 articulation agreements listed online, and 87 of them were reviewed. More than 60 of the 87 agreements under review were terminated. The five-year review has led to a change in the process of articulation agreements. During the summer of 2016, ACUE updated how articulation agreements were approved. As part of that process change, articulation agreements are now submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education rather than the Faculty Senate. ARSSA now has a standing subcommittee that reviews the agreements. ARSSA is also in the process of consulting with CC&R to remove the language about the subcommittee from the membership section of the Senate Standing Rules Article II Senate Committee Structure Letter B and put it in Senate Policy 06-20. The five-year review process should be expedited in the future because fewer agreements will need reviewed. In the end, this review process is necessary to keep the curriculum up-to-date.


  • Charles Abdalla
  • Steven Andelin
  • Martha Aynardi
  • Daniel Beaver
  • Clark Brigger
  • Wei-Fan Chen
  • Madhuri Desai
  • Maura Ellsworth
  • Galen Grimes
  • Anna Griswold
  • Michel M. Haigh, Chair
  • Harold Hayford, Vice Chair
  • Robert Kubat
  • George Samuel
  • Douglas Wolfe