Appendix I



Dissolution of the Facilities Planning Advisory Board


Implementation: Upon Approval by the President

Introduction and Rationale

At the Faculty Senate meeting on October 10, 1989, the Faculty Senate approved an Advisory & Consultative Report requesting that the Facilities Planning Advisory Board (FPAB) be formed to facilitate the input of faculty in the planning process for university facilities including: new buildings, significant building alterations, reconfiguration of roadways and pedestrian ways, land planning studies.

FPAB has usually met twice a year.  The timing of the FPAB meetings is usually not aligned with the timing of construction projects, particularly projects during the summer.  Since the time that FPAB was formed, there have been alternate and more effective ways for faculty to provide input into facilities decisions.  Faculty are now actively involved in construction and renovation projects within their unit.  Input from faculty for a particular construction project can occur in a more timely and impactful manner than through scheduled FPAB meetings.

The Project Decision Review Board (PDRB) reviews capital projects over $5 million in order to determine if the projects should be advanced, changed, postponed or cancelled as they pass through the various stages.  The normal stages for a capital project are: planning, programming, design, construction, and operation.  Voting members of PDRB include the President, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business, Provost, Senior VP for Development and Alumni Relations, Associate Vice President for Finance/Corporate Controller, Budget Officer, a Student Representative (President of UPUA) and the Chief Facilities Officer.  The University Project Manager responsible for project leadership attends the PDRB meeting and presents projects to the PDRB.  The College and/or Administrative Unit leader and/or principle ‘user’ also attend the PDRB meeting in support of their associated project.

The Board of Trustees provide final approval for projects over $10M at the recommendation of the FBCP committee and are informed on projects between $5M-$10M.


It is recommended that the Facilities Planning Advisory Board be dissolved.  Concurrent with the dissolution of FPAB, it is recommended that a Faculty Representative be added as a voting member to the Project Decision Review Board, with the Faculty Representative reporting to the University Planning Committee as an ex-officio member.

It is recommended that all faculty (except those in administrative positions) and emeritus faculty be eligible for the Faculty Representative to PDRB.  Nominations for the Faculty Representative can be made by any Faculty Senator to the University Planning Committee. The University Planning Committee will recommend to the Provost a representative and an alternate.  The Faculty Representative to the Project Decision Review Board will serve for a term of three years.


  • Richard Bundy III
  • Kevin Cockroft
  • Ann Douds
  • David Gray
  • Lisa Grigley
  • Nicholas Jones
  • David Lieb
  • Hector Lopez
  • Sinfree Makoni
  • Frantisek Marko
  • Mary Lou Ortiz
  • Padma Patil
  • Laura Pauley, Chair
  • Nicholas Pearson
  • Thomas Sarabok
  • Steinn Sigurdsson, Vice-Chair
  • William Sitzabee
  • Charles Specht
  • Mary Vollero
  • Ming Wang
  • Robert Zambanini