Appendix P



WorkLion Update 2018


Lauri Catalano and Michael Busges will present a report on the new WorkLion system and information about faculty-specific transactions.


  • Mary Beahm
  • Renee Borromeo
  • Lonnie Golden
  • Galen A. Grimes, Chair
  • Mark Horn
  • Peter Jurs
  • Cassandra Kitko
  • John Liechty
  • Kathleen Noce
  • David Post
  • Ira Saltz
  • Geoff Scott
  • Erica Smithwick, Vice Chair
  • Gregory Stoner
  • William Wenner

Slide 1: Faculty Senate WorkLion Update March 13, 2018 (All Text Slide)

Slide 2: WorkLion Timeline (All Text Slide)

  • Planning  2015
  • Implementation December 2015– December 2017
  • Deployment December 2017 – March 2018
  • Stabilization April 2018 – June 2018
  • WorkLion Management Office July 1, 2018

Slide 3: What is under the WorkLion Umbrella


A cloud-based HR and payroll system that includes time-tracking, benefits, payroll, and much more.


A searchable HR library of frequently asked questions, policies, and procedures.


A two-way communications tool that links employees to Penn State HR experts for quick, reliable service


A professional development system that makes accessing, registering for, and tracking learning opportunities easier than ever.

As described above: March 13, 2018 Senate Agenda, Appendix P, Slide 3

Slide 4: WorkLion Launched: December 10, 2017

  1. Searchable Knowledge Base
  2. Workday
  3. Learning Resource Network
  4. New Employees – Onboarding
  5. Key Messages and Tools
  6. Inquiry Management
  7. Forms for Submission
  8. * WorkLion is intended for use by all Faculty, Staff, Technical Service, Student Employees, and Graduate Assistants/Fellows.

As described above: March 13, 2018 Senate Agenda, Appendix P, Slide 4

Slide 5: Workday Modules (All Text Slide)

  • Human Capital Management (employee data, salary changes, etc.)
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Timekeeping
  • Performance Management (to be rolled out Spring 2018)
  • Recruitment (future module to be developed)

Slide 6: Why Workday… (All Text Slide)

  1. 24/7 access
  2. Available on multiple technologies: smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs
  3. Verify and update personal information, pay-slips, and beneficiaries
  4. Update and add direct deposit accounts
  5. Review benefits and update during open enrollment or due to life event
  6. Reduction of paperwork and duplication of entry
  7. Consistent implementation University-wide

Slide 7: Faculty-Specific Transactions

Will the tenure & promotion process take place in Workday?

The tenure and promotion process will continue to take place outside of Workday. However, the tenure eligibility and status will be tracked in Workday.

Can Faculty, who supervise staff employees, delegate their responsibilities?Faculty should discuss delegation options with their HR Consultant or HR Strategic Partner. Time worked and time off approvals can be delegated to a unit-based Timekeeper, if needed, depending upon the college’s guidelines. However, performance reviews can not be delegated.

Slide 8: Questions (Text Slide)