Appendix C



WorkLion: Development and Implementation Plan


Susan Basso, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and representatives from the WorkLION Task Force will present a report on WorkLION, demonstrating some of its features and asking the following questions:

  • Can you provide insights on how best to manage training in order to transition faculty to the new Workday system?
  • Are there any specific thoughts on communication or tools for faculty that we should adopt for effective change management?
  • What concerns or issues might you have?


  • Susan Basso
  • Renee Borromeo, Chair
  • Ken Brentner
  • Victor Brunsden
  • Amy Dietz
  • Mark Horn
  • Peter Jurs
  • Cassandra Kitko
  • James Miles
  • Jamie Myers
  • Willie Ofosu
  • Erica Smithwick, Vice-Chair
  • Greg Stoner

Slide 1: Introductory Slide:  Faculty Senate WorkLion Workday Update, March 14, 2017 (All Text Slide)

Slide 2: HR Business Process Transformation: Technology (All Text Slide)

HR Business Process Transformation: Technology

  • Workday – Human Capital Management/Payroll
    • Cloud-based technology
    • User-friendly reporting to enable data-driven decisions
    • Management data visibility
    • Supervisory structure and roles-based security
  • Neocase – HR Portal, Inquiry Management, Knowledge base
    • Self-service HR portal for employees
    • Documentation of inquiries and answers to streamline and improve process for employees
    • Consistent database of information for HR customer service employees

Slide 3: Key Impacts to Faculty & Academic Leadership (All Text Slide)

Key Impacts to Faculty & Academic Leadership

  • Faculty will use Workday to
    • View, enroll and change benefit elections
    • Change payment elections, such as direct deposit
  • Faculty “managers” will have additional responsibilities, such as approving time worked submissions or time off requests
    • Faculty can request exception from this responsibility through delegation, but Performance Management cannot be delegated.
  • “One-stop shop” on-boarding for faculty hires
  • “Employee Profile” will have details about the faculty’s Academic Appointment
    • Academic leadership will be able to view this data for their area
  • Academic units can roll up to create an academic hierarchy view for leadership

Slide 4: Additional Positive Changes (All Text Slide)

Additional Positive Changes

  • Workday will allow employees to elect two direct deposits in addition to the Penn State Federal Credit Union deduction as a 3rd
  • Employees will be able to designate beneficiary information directly into Workday.
  • New and existing employees will have the ability to upload dependent verification forms into Workday.
  • Workday access is secure & role-based, creating consistency across Penn State.

Slide 5: Key Timeframes

  • January- May: Testing is key for successful implementation
    • End to End System Testing
    • Payroll Reconciliation Testing
    • User Testing
  • January: Launched WorkLion Ambassadors for key message distribution
  • April-June: End user training. Tailored for faculty and student employees prior to summer break
  • June 2017*: Workday and HR Portal implementation
  • Mid-to-late June 2017: Phase 1 Move in to Shared Services Center
  • Mid-to-late October 2017: Phase 2 Move in to Shared Services Center

 *After further testing results in March, the sponsors will evaluate the readiness for a June 2017 WorkLion go-live.

As described above: March 14, 2017 Agenda, Appendix C, Slide 5

Slide 6: APPENDIX (All Text Slide)

Slide 7: Faculty Communication and Training Strategy (All Text Slide)

Faculty Communication and Training Strategy

  • Academics will require special attention and timing, as a large portion of the faculty population will not be present during deployment
  • WorkLion’s Communications Plan addresses this through customized pre- and post-deployment activities that engage faculty when they are available
  • WorkLion has also created an Academic Toolkit, which will be accessible to WorkLion Ambassadors and Unit Communicators to share with Academics in their area

Slide 8: Academic Toolkit

Academic toolkit, accessible to WorkLion Ambassadors & Unit Communicators, will be updated monthly. They will in turn share the materials with Academic leaders & faculty in their units.

Content customized for academics will include:

  • Videos and demos
  • Template emails
  • Newsletter articles
  • Pre-made presentations and talking points

Human Resources Goals

Human Resources launched HR Business Process Transformation in 2013 with the following goals:

Improve customer service

  • Clarify and consolidate policies
  • Streamline HR processes
  • Replace Outdated Technology
  • Redefine roles in the HR organization
  • Provide More strategic and effective HR Support

HR will be able to reduce the University’s risk and eventually reduce costs by utilizing technology

As described above: March 14, 2017 Agenda, Appendix C, Slide 8

Slide 9: Academic Touchpoints (All Text Slide)

Academic Touchpoints

  • WorkLion Faculty Advisory Committee (Monthly)
  • Provost’s Faculty Advisory Committee (Monthly)
  • Academic Leadership Council (As Needed)
  • Planned Broadcast Emails:
    • 90 Days until Go-Live (March)
    • 60 Days until Go-Live (April)
    • 30 Days until Go-Live (May – timed with semester’s end)
    • Go-Live Announcement (June)
    • Back to School Checklist (August)
  • Planned Faculty Senate presentations
    • Benefits Committee (March 14)
    • Faculty Senate (March 14)
    • Commonwealth Caucus (April 24)
    • Faculty Senate (September)
  • Roadshows (April and May)
    • Attend existing meetings, host new virtual and in-person meetings to demo Workday

Slide 10: Governance


Representative, decision-making structure
Advisory groups including Faculty & Campus
Regular inputs from Blannie Bowen
(For accessible organization chart, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at

As described above: March 14, 2017 Agenda, Appendix C, Slide 10