Appendix N



Policy Harmonization


Susan Basso, Vice President for Human Resources, will give a slide presentation describing the objective and process for reorganizing and consolidating certain types of university policies.


  • Mohamad Ansari
  • Rebecca Bascom
  • Victor Brunsden
  • Caroline Eckhardt
  • Samantha Geisinger
  • Galen Grimes
  • Kathryn Jablokow
  • Patricia Koch
  • Ellen Knodt
  • Binh Le
  • Jamie Myers
  • Sudarshan Nelatury
  • John Nousek
  • Nicholas Rowland
  • Robert Shannon
  • Amit Sharma
  • Erica Smithwick
  • James Strauss
  • Bonj Szczygiel
  • Ann Taylor
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Douglas Wolfe
  • Matthew Woessner

Slide 1: Introductory Slide:  Faculty Senate Policy Harmonization, March 14, 2017 (All Text Slide)

Slide 2: HR Business Process Transformation: Policy and Process (All Text Slide)

HR Business Process Transformation: Policy and Process

Currently 104 policies / 18 guidelines

  • Update policies to provide greater clarity, ensure legal compliance, and improve accessibility
    • Recommend new policies
    • Recommend enhancements to policies
    • Reclassify some Human Resources policies to academic policies
  • Redesign end-to-end processes to prepare for Workday
  • Design processes for consistent implementation

Slide 3: From HR Policy to Academic Policy (All Text Slide)

From HR Policy to Academic Policy

  • Policy Steward is Office of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
    • Bringing policy in alignment with practice.
    • Not proposing changes to academic policy
    • HR will continue to assist in the administration of academic policies
  • Examples of Academic Policies
    • HR10 – Distinguished Professorships
    • HR21 – Definition of Academic Ranks
    • HR23 – Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations
    • HR64 – Academic Freedom
    • HR76 – Faculty Rights and Responsibilities