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This document provides an overview of the purpose, duties, and membership of the Senate Committee on Committees and Rules.


The Senate Committee on Committees and Rules (CC&R) facilitates the Senate’s work by monitoring the Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules, proposes revisions to these documents when needed to maintain consistency with the University’s structure (e.g., academic units, personnel titles) or to facilitate the Senate’s work, appoints senators to Senate committees, and makes some nominations, as described below.

Duties  [modified from]


  • reviews and makes recommendations on the Senate’s committee structure (e.g., creating new committees or subcommittees, merging existing committees, or abolishing existing committees);
  • proposes changes in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate for action by the Senate;
  • serves as a Nominating Committee to the administrative officers of the University in the selection of University faculty to serve on University-wide committees; e.g.,
  • investigates the constitutionality of acts of the Senate, failures to implement Senate legislation, problems resulting from conflicting legislation, and errors in the implementation of legislation;
  • interprets the Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules subject to review by the Senate;
  • selects a pool of faculty members who will be available to serve as members of all Division I Intercollegiate Head Coach athletics searches (each spring);
  • asks new and returning and senators to rank their preferences for committee assignments and appoints the members of all Senate Standing Committees, taking mandated unit representation, senators’ preferences, and the balance of committee membership into account, and consults with administrative officers to select ex officio members of Senate committees;
  • elects its own Chair and Vice Chair, and in consultation with the Senate Chair, designates the leadership of all other Standing Committees of the Senate;
  • consults with the Senate officers about faculty governance issues raised in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC);
  • nominates candidates for Standing Joint Committee on Tenure, the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, and the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities;
  • renders decisions in tie votes for retired senators.


  • Ten (10) elected faculty senators
  • Chair-Elect of the Senate (non-voting)
  • Immediate Past Chair of the Senate (non-voting)
  • Secretary of the Senate (non-voting)

Membership Responsibilities

Members of the Senate Committee on Committees and Rules are expected to:

  • Serve for a two-year term (and a maximum of four years);
  • Be familiar with the Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules;
  • Contribute to written committee reports

Annual Subcommittee

  • Elections Commission (to certify elections and interpret the Bylaws when needed)

Committee Meetings

  • CC&R typically meets at 8:30 am on Senate Tuesdays in Kern Building. There is a meeting of the new and continuing members one week after the last Senate meeting of the academic year, and a meeting in May to appoint senators to Senate committees for the following academic year. Additional business is conducted electronically between meetings.

Mandated Report

  • Nomination Report (annually)

Resources Routinely Referenced by CC&R


  • Jonathan Abel
  • Mohamad Ansari
  • Larry Backer
  • Dawn Blasko, Chair
  • Mark Casteel
  • Pamela Hufnagel
  • William Kelly, Vice Chair
  • Richard Robinett
  • Keith Shapiro
  • James Strauss
  • Jane Sutton
  • Ann Taylor
  • Kent Vrana
  • Matthew Woessner