Appendix V



New Members Orientation


This document is a reference that provides information about the structure and function of the Intra-University Relations Committee, along with some suggestions for extra information for inclusion in the Standing Rules by the Committee on Committees and Rules.

Membership:  (Assigned by the Committee on Committees and Rules)

  1. At least 16 elected faculty senators including:
    1. One faculty senator each from Abington, Altoona, Berks, Erie, Harrisburg, Law, and Medicine; four faculty senators from the University College, and five faculty senators from different colleges at University Park; and
    2. At least two faculty senators who hold a fixed-term appointment.
  2. Two student senators (including one from a campus other than University Park)
  3. A member of the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (selected by ACUE)*
  4. A representative of the Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses*

Standing Subcommittees: The membership of the standing subcommittee shall consist of at least five members, all designated by the parent committee, with a majority of the members also holding membership on the parent committee. Additional duties may be assigned.

  1. Subcommittee on Fixed-Term Faculty
 – It shall be responsible for considering all matters related to and issues of concern for fixed-term faculty. It shall be responsible for submitting an annual report to Intra-University Relations, copied to Faculty Affairs, on the status of fixed-term faculty across the University. The chair, or one of two co-chairs, shall hold appointment as fixed-term faculty.

Duties:  (from Senate Standing Rules, Article II, Section 6.o)

The Committee on Intra-University Relations shall make recommendations to the Senate on policies and procedures of an inter-campus nature or concerning the relation of one or more campuses to other units of the University. In consultation with the appropriate college(s) it shall review, evaluate, and make recommendations on issues pertaining to the University which cut across disciplinary and geographic lines. In this context it shall review, evaluate, and make recommendations on issues concerning all faculty irrespective of the character of their appointment.

Other information not currently in the Senate Standing Rules to be considered for inclusion by the Committee on Committees and Rules:

As the Senate committee responsible for issues of interest to the faculty at the campuses outside of University Park, we take on a wide variety of topics, many of which cannot be easily codified into the “Duties” section of the Standing Rules since new things come along every year. An effective member of this committee should familiarize themselves with the full range of AD and HR policies in GURU, with an eye towards how they affect faculty outside of State College.  Many of the reports we work on are done jointly with other committees who have primary responsibility for those subjects, but need our advice on how changes in policy will affect the campuses.


  • Harold Aurand
  • Jogesh Babu
  • James Boyle
  • Claudia Brown
  • Joseph Cusumano
  • Roger Egolf, Chair
  • Raymond Funk
  • Frederico Harte
  • Michael Healy
  • William Lasher
  • Hector Lopez
  • Steven McMillan
  • Alexei Novikov
  • Rosemarie Petrilla, Vice Chair
  • Nicholas Rowland
  • Francesca Ruggiero
  • Ann Schmiedekamp
  • Richard Shurgalla
  • Rajarajan Subramanian
  • Darryl Thomas
  • Johanna Wagner
  • Nancy Welsh
  • William Wenner
  • Naseem Zomorodi