President’s Response: Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy

DATE:    November 21, 2016

FROM:    Eric J. Barron

TO:          James A. Strauss

I have reviewed the Advisory and Consultative report – Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy – that was passed by the University Faculty Senate on October 18, 2016 and concur with the report. By copy of this memo, I am asking Susan Basso, Vice President for Human Resources, and Damon Sims, Vice President for Student Affairs, to implement the creation of a task force which will be charged to investigate the merits and potential issues involved in the application of a smoke-free policy.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this item.

Cc: Susan McGarry Basso
Blannie E. Bowen
David J. Gray
Daniel R. Hagen
Nicholas P. Jones
Damon Sims (w/enclosure)
Matthew C. Woessner