Senate Standing Committee Leadership (2017-2018)

Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid
Mary Beth Williams (Chair)SCI
Harold Hayford (Vice Chair)AA
Committees and Rules
Kent Vrana (Chair)MED
Nicole Webster (Vice Chair)AG
Curricular Affairs
Michele Duffey (Chair)HHD
Matthew Wilson ( Co Vice Chair)HBG
Suzanna Linn (Co Vice-Chair)LA
Educational Equity and Campus Environment
Asad Azemi (Chair)UC-BW
Julia Bryan (Vice Chair)ED
Faculty Affairs
Nicholas Rowland (Chair)AA
Rosemary Jolly (Vice Chair)LA
Faculty Benefits
Galen Grimes (Chair)UC-GA
Erica Smithwick (Vice Chair)EMS
Global Programs
Willie Ofosu (Chair)WB
Dennis Jett (Vice Chair)SIA
Intercollegiate Athletics
John Regan (Chair)ENGR
Richard Duschl (Vice Chair)ED
Intra-University Relations
Rosemarie Petrilla (Chair)HN
Timothy Palmer (Vice Chair)MED
Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology
Roger Egolf (Chair)LV
Eric Walker (Vice Chair)MED
Lisa Mangel (Chair)BD
Terry Harrison (Vice Chair)BA
Andrew Schulz (Chair)A&A
Daniel Larson (Vice Chair)SCI
Student Life
Kevin Harwell (Chair)LIB
Ira Ropson (Vice Chair)MED
Undergraduate Education
Elizabeth Seymour (Chair)AA
Joyce Furfaro (Vice-Chair)LA
University Planning
Laura Pauley (Chair)ENGR
Steinn Sigurdsson (Vice Chair)SCI