Senate Standing Committee Leadership (2016-2017)

Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid
Michel Haigh (Chair)COMM
Harold Hayford (Vice Chair)AA
Committees and Rules
Dawn Blasko (Chair)BD
William Kelly (Vice Chair)A&A
Curricular Affairs
Michele Duffey (Chair)HHD
James Japp ( Co Vice Chair)GA
Suzanna Linn (Co Vice-Chair)LA
Educational Equity and Campus Environment
Robert Loeb (Chair)DS
Julia Bryan (Vice Chair)ED
Faculty Affairs
Michael Bérubé (Chair)LA
Bonj Szczygiel (Vice Chair)A&A
Faculty Benefits
Renee Borromeo (Chair)MA
Erica Smithwick (Vice Chair)EMS
Global Programs
Michael Krajsa (Chair)LV
Dennis Jett (Vice Chair)SIA
Intercollegiate Athletics
Jonna Kulikowich (Chair)ED
Kimberlyn Nelson (Vice Chair)SCI
Intra-University Relations
Roger Egolf (Chair)LV
Rosemarie Petrilla (Vice Chair)LA
Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology
William Butler (Chair)D-LAW
Ann Mazzucato (Vice Chair)SCI
Elizabeth Seymour (Chair)AA
Beth King (Vice Chair)EMS
Andrew Schulz (Chair)A&A
Rogerio Neves (Vice Chair)MED
Student Life
Alex Shockley (Chair)Student
Undergraduate Education
Matthew Wilson (Chair)HBG
David Eggebeen (Vice-Chair)HHD
University Planning
Laura Pauley (Chair)ENGR
Steinn Sigurdsson (Vice Chair)SCI