Committees and Rules Committee Priority Form

Senate Committee Priority Form
COMMITTEE NAME: Committees and Rules
CHAIR: Kent Vrana
VICE CHAIR: Nicole Webster


A1) Hold a forensic to solicit input from the Senate on the advantages and disadvantages of directly electing a vice chair and chair of the Senate, and providing the chair with the option of seeking reelection.
Anticipated Delivery: October

A2) Consider revising the Bylaws, Article 1, Section 1, Subsection b, providing only elected senators participate in balloting for elections of the Senate leadership. This change, if adopted by the Senate, would apply to both appointed administrative members, and the members of the Council of Past Chairs provided councilors were not elected by a local constituency.
Anticipated Delivery: October

A3) Consider drafting changes to the Bylaws or Constitution to give CC&R the authority to make simple editorial changes to the Bylaws and/or Constitution. Editorial changes might be defined as any bylaws or standing rules changes made to reflect alterations to the names of existing committees, offices, or university entities. Make a provision, on a petition of 20 senators, to mandate that changes in the language must move through the regular amendment process. Anticipated Delivery: October

A4) Consider revising the Bylaws, Article 1, to alter the structure of the Senate Executive, providing for the election of a vice chair and chair, and providing the chair with the option of seeking reelection. Presume that, consistent with the current bylaws, Chairs would serve for a one-year term, and any option to reelect a chair would be subject to term limits of between two to four years.
Anticipated Delivery: December

A5) Consider revising Bylaws Article I, Section 2 to include “(c) The Senate Chair shall call a special meeting of the Senate Council by a petition from 2/3rds of its elected members.” Anticipated Delivery: December

A6) Consider making revisions to the standing rules that explicitly permit committees to file a minority report on any legislation or advisory consultative report.
Anticipated Delivery: December

A7) Consider revising Standing Rules Article II, Section e-6 to mandate an annual report on Fixed-Term Faculty Promotions.

A8) Work with Curricular Affairs to draft changes to the Standing Rules Article II, Section 6-c to create two Vice Chairs for the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs. Draft language defining the responsibilities of the Vice Chairs if appropriate. [CC&R will await input from CA before drafting changes to the standing rules]

A9) Jointly with the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, consider revisions to the standing rules that reorganize the IA Committee giving faculty a more informed and independent voice in athletic affairs. The revisions could include a three-year term for committee members, the addition of non-Senate faculty experts, among other reforms. [IAC will take the lead in drafting reforms consistent with CC&R’s prior recommendation]

A10) Jointly with the Undergraduate Education Committee, consider amending the Bylaws to clarify the jurisdiction of the Senate with respect to education. Recognizing the Senate’s responsibility to oversee all educational matters with university-wide implications (see Senate Bylaws, Article VII, Section 2) consider changing the name of the committee to the “Education Committee.” If appropriate revise the standing rules to create subcommittees for online education and graduate education, and other subcommittees to support the committee’s overall mandate. If the committee does recommend adding subcommittees to an Education Committee, members should draft proposed amendments to the standing rules concerning appropriate duties as needed. [CC&R will await input from UE before drafting changes to the standing rules]


B1) Consider the necessity of having the two student positions required to serve on Student Life vs. other committees. Article II, Senate Committee Structure, Section 6 (m), Committee on Student Life. Referencing the President of the UPUA and the Vice President of the UPUA. Anticipated Delivery: March

B2) Jointly with the LIST committee, consider amending the Bylaws mandating access to the Senate’s digital archives for all University Senators. [The LIST committee will take the lead on drafting changes to the bylaws.]
Anticipated Delivery: March

B3)  Revise Article II, Membership Section 1 of the Constitution to include the new fixed term titles.

1)  Nomination Report