Committees and Rules Committee Priority Form

Senate Committee Priority Form
COMMITTEE NAME: Committees and Rules
CHAIR: Keith Shapiro
VICE CHAIR: Victor Brunsden


A1) Rework the re-electable Chair proposal. Possibly move minimum qualifications from the standing rules to the bylaws.
Anticipated Delivery: October

A2) Create Standing Rules Article II, Section e-6: Fixed Term Flow Report
Anticipated Delivery: October

A3) Consider creating an appointed Senate financial specialist to review the budget.

A4) Set a two term limit on the academic trustee

A5) Consider giving Senate officers a three year “at-large” designation.

A6) Informational report on Senate staff needs.

A7) Consider requiring links in A/C Reports for history of discussion, rationale

A8) Draft legislation revising the standing rules, Article III, Section 12: Council of Past Senate Chairs to provide the CPC with more opportunities to provide support to the Senate.

A9)  Amend Senate bylaws so that Assistant Vice President and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, Alan Rieck, and his successors, are ex-officio members of the RSCA (Research) Committee.


B1) Change the name of the Undergraduate Education Committee to the Education Committee

B2) Address the Digital Learning Council’s request for Senate representation

B3)  Reconsider overall Senate size, question of Hershey representation

B4)  Revisions to IAC Rules Standing rules Art II Sect 6h

B5)  Add representation from the Office of the Vice President for the Commonwealth Campuses to select standing committees

1)  Nomination Report