Global Programs


The Committee on Global Programs shall provide advice and consultation to the Vice Provost for Global Programs about the implementation of activities, standards, and programs to enhance the internationalization of Penn State’s undergraduate and graduate education, research, campus environment, and student affairs. It shall be the Senate advisory body to the Vice Provost for Global Programs. The committee will provide guidelines and develop policies that are relevant to the academic integrity of content, delivery, and support of programs associated with the Office of Global Programs.

It shall provide consultation on the affiliation and partnerships of the University with institutions and organizations outside the United State. The committee shall provide advice and consultation for programs that support international and exchange students at Penn State. It will also participate in tracking progress in achieving the strategic goals of the Office of Global Programs and the University for internationalizing the students and academic programs. The committee shall also maintain liaisons with other Senate committees, where appropriate, as well as with students and faculty, University-wide through the Senate.