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Global Programs

April 24, 2018

Attendees: Willie Ofosu (Chair), Dennis Jett (Co-Chair), Robert Crane (Global Programs). Peter Rinehart, Loukas Kalisperis, Martha J. Strickland, Mike Krajsa, Lem Galvo, Brian King and Joanna DeFranco.

Absent: Augustin Banyaga, L. Sam Finn, Beth Farmer, Mike Brennan, Theresa(Dena) Lang, Jyotsna Kalavar, and Vice Provost Adewumi.

Chairman Ofosu opened the meeting at 9:00a.m.

Minutes of March 13, 2018 meeting were approved.

Discussion of Sub-Committee Activities: Dr. King gave an update on the revised report on International Students and Scholars. It was given to the Senate Council, which had a few questions on J-1 visas, but made no other suggestions. The report was scheduled for presentation that afternoon to the meeting of the full senate, but the crowded agenda did not allow time to make the presentation.

The other report completed by the committee this year, the Global Citizenship Pathways Framework, was presented to the Faculty Senate at its March meeting. It is now currently with President Barron for consideration.

Chairman Ofosu discussed the ongoing role of the committee next year. Dr. Crane noted that international student applications are down and that he does not expect this decline has bottomed out due to growing competition from other countries like Australia for international students and the overall political climate.

Dr. Crane also mentioned that some study abroad programs have trouble recruiting students even for those that are relatively inexpensive. Students are eager to go to Europe and Australia, but programs in other parts of the world struggle. Dr. Kalisperis pointed out that OGP’s requirement of a minimum of 10 students is an obstacle for some programs. Peter Rinehart echoed the perception of students that Europe is more attractive.

Other obstacles discussed were the nature of the program, its location, the impression it may delay graduation, limitations within specific academic majors that make a study abroad program difficult, risk management issues, medical expenses and other costs, and communications with parents on the value of the experience. Mr. Krajsa discussed the importance of study abroad, the cost that outside providers add to such trips and the changing experience that study abroad provides, which is second only to participating in career fairs.

Dr. Strickland mentioned that federal legislation, called the Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Act, is being considered by Congress as a way to encourage study abroad. She also pointed out that four commonwealth campuses are getting new leadership and those leaders should be encouraged to endorse internationalization as something that they support. It was suggested that Vice Provost Adewumi might want to reach out to those leaders for that purpose.

New Business: Possible agenda items for Faculty Senate Year 2018 – 2019 were discussed including an effort to see international work included in faculty activity reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:06 a.m.

Minutes prepared by Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.), PhD.

March 13, 2018

Attendees: Willie Ofosu (Chair), Dennis Jett (Co-Chair), Robert Crane (Global Programs). Peter Rinehart, Theresa(Dena) Lang, Loukas Kalisperis, Martha J Strickland, Joanna DeFranco, Mike Krajsa, Jyostna Kalavar, Lem Galvo, Brian King, and Vice Provost Adewumi.

Absent: Augustin Banyaga, L. Sam Finn, Beth Farmer, Mike Brennan

Chairman Ofosu opened the meeting at 9:00a.m.

Minutes of January 23, 2018 meeting were approved.

Dr. Strickland led a discussion of the Global Citizenship Pathways Framework presented to the Faculty Senate that afternoon. She also reported on her presentation on the document to the Senate Council. She described the reaction of the Council as definitely positive, but there had been a desire expressed for a better understanding of how it would be used as an assessment tool. (The report was subsequently presented to the Faculty Senate that afternoon and adopted by an overwhelming majority of the senators.) Office of Planning and Assessment are working with OGP on using the GP report as an assessment tool. Follow up report will be considered on assessing the impact on students.

In a discussion of study abroad activities, VP Adewumi noted that about 500 PSU students had made spring break study abroad trips.

Discussion of Sub-Committee Activities:

The report on International Students and Scholars by Brian King’s subcommittee was reviewed and discussed. Measures to help international students who might have trouble reentering the country were considered including a hotline to call in a situation where there was a question about a visa.  Other recommendations discussed were helping international students in their transition to campus life, encouraging statements by President Barron and other leaders about the importance of international students and scholars to Penn State, improving the campus culture and local climate, which in some instances seem unwelcoming.  The GELE program of global engagement and leadership experience to sensitize students was also mentioned. Dr. King agreed to revise the draft report and circulate it to committee members. The committee agreed with presenting the report at the April faculty senate meeting once it is revised.

New Business: Possible agenda items for Faculty Senate Year 2018 – 2019 were discussed including an effort to see international work included in faculty activity reports. April meeting will be devoted to discussing this item in greater details. Members should come prepared with any recommended topic for discussion and possible proposal to the Senate Executive.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30

Minutes prepared by Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.), PhD.

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January 23, 2018

Attendees: Willie Ofosu (Chair), Dennis Jett (Co-Chair), Robert Crane (Global Programs). Peter Rinehart, Beth Framer, Theresa(Dena) Lang, Loukas Kalisperis, Martha J Strickland, Joanna DeFranco (by phone), Mike Krajsa, Jyostna Kalavar, Lem Galvo, Brian King, Mark Brennan and Vice Provost Adewumi.

Absent: Augustin Banyaga, L. Sam Finn

Chairman Ofosu opened the meeting at 9:00a.m.

The minutes from the December 5, 2017 were approved.

Reports & Discussion

Risk Management: the travel policy “TR01 International Travel Requirements” was discussed and unanimously endorsed by the committee.

The report on global citizenship was discussed and the issue was described by Dr. Strickland. Dr. Crane presented “Pathways to Global Citizenship” and the committee had an extended discussion of the concepts involved including global citizenship, global awareness, global literacy, intercultural competence, and global competency and the attributes inherent in these concepts: empathy, self-awareness, respect, curiosity, openness, knowledge and communication. Also discussed was the role of general education in requires in achieving global citizenship.

Mr. Krajsa proposed that global citizenship activities be included for consideration in the faculty annual review under either education or service. The committee agreed with the proposal. Krajsa also suggested that Penn State Today be used to attract more attention to international activities. Another important point he made was that it is to think in terms of the acquisition of skills provided through global citizenship activities as being essential to building strong resumes for future employment of students.

The committee unanimously agreed with the framework of the revised report presented by Dr. Crane. Dr. Strickland agree to compose a list of recommended actions to be included with the report. She will circulate those together with the revised report so that it can be approved by email by committee members. This will allow the report to be submitted to the faculty senate executive committee by February 3, 2018. That in turn will allow the report to be presented to the faculty senate at its meeting in March.

Dr. King gave an oral report on measures being considered to counter the perception that international students are unwelcome with recommended activities undertaken to be undertaken. He will do a draft report on this issue, which will be circulated before the next committee meeting so that it may be considered at that time.

Vice Provost Adewumi noted that international applications are down 5 % this year, but that decrease is far less than the ones faced by many institutions.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40

Minutes prepared by Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.), PhD.
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December 5, 2017

Attendees: Dennis Jett (Co-Chair), Robert Crane (Global Programs). Peter Rinehart, Beth Framer, Theresa (Dena) Lang, Loukas Kalisperis, Jacqueline Marke, Martha J Strickland

Members at Joint Meeting with Mr. Langsdale: Michael Adewumi, Joanna DeFranco, Mike Krajsa, Willie Ofosu

Dennis Jett began the meeting at 9am.

Reports & Discussion

  • Global Citizenship Sub-Committee Report:
    Initial Issues:

    • Audience is unclear
    • The report presently submitted is not efficacious for institutional action
    • Goal: We want our students leave this place as global citizens. The report/framework needs to provide the following: Here is what we mean, how we are doing it, why we are doing it, and how we know we are accomplishing this

Proposed Framework: Robert Crane, Associate Vice Provost of Global Programs.

  • Global Citizenship and Global Competency are not well defined and there is limited scholarship to support and clarify these concepts
  • Global Programs needs to garner assessment that is consistent to the higher education context
  • Provost desires way(s) to determine return on global programs investment

Global Citizenship Pathways Framework Presented (see appendix)

  • Key components that are tiered
    Level 1:           Global Awareness
    Level 2:           Global Literacy
    Level 3:           Intercultural Competence
    Level 4:           Global Competency
  • Global Awareness + Global Literacy + Intercultural Competence = Global Competency with action
  • Global Citizenship = Responsible Action with Global Competency + Intercultural Competence + Global Literacy and Global Awareness
  • It is anticipated that PSU can aspire to have all PSU students get to Global Literacy (Level 2) by graduation.

Assessment: What is the return on investment? The following were discussed/considered:

  • Possible matrix of outcomes aligned with the tiers
  • Possibility: Canvas with learning outcomes that faculty can select
  • Consider the system and the alumni in developing assessment
  • Consider: What is the student impact? Consider the financial cost to the student. Needs to be available to all.

Committee Response: Motion:  We propose to reject the preliminary committee report. The sub-committee should work with the Global Programs’ proposed Pathways to Global Citizenship document to provide a framework for all the Penn State institution to embrace and enact within their respected units.

Unanimously approved.

Next Steps

Robert Crane agreed to construct a narrative around the presented Pathways to Global Citizenship framework resulting in a report. This will be presented to the full Global Programs committee at the January 23 meeting.

  • Upon committee approval, the Global Citizenship Pathways Report will be forwarded to faculty senate for floor discussion and final approval.

Proposed Timeline:

January 23: Crane Framework narrative for approval;

Feb 2 Executive Council:

Feb 20 Discussion; March meeting on the floor for the vote

Future Pursuits

  • Invite Robert Crane to attend our meetings.
  • Identify the goals and accountability structures necessary to embrace and enact this framework.

Meeting Adjourned 10:30am

Minutes prepared by Martha J Strickland (Global Citizenship Sub-committee chair)

Joint Meeting between sub-Committees of Faculty Affairs and Global Programs on Family Travel Policy in Kern 101A

The sub-committees named above and Mr. Gary Langsdale of Risk Management held a meeting for further discussions on the Family Travel Policy. Members of the joint committee made suggestions to Mr. Langsdale for changes to the policy. He noted these with the understanding that he would use them to update the policy. He will re-circulate the updated policy for further reaction. (Comments by Willie Ofosu)
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October 17, 2017

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.

A conversation on Global Citizenship started at 8:50 am, and continued after the call to order at 9:00 am.

Present at the meeting were: Vice Provost Adewumi, Mark Brennan, Joanna DeFranco, Beth Farmer, Dennis Jett, Jyotsna Kalavar, Loukas Kalisperis, Brian King, Micahel Krajsa, Dena Lang, Willie Ofosu, Peter Rinehart and Martha Strickland.

Jacqueline Markle participated by phone.

Members Absent: L Sam Finn, Augustin Banyanga

Minutes of September 12, 2017 were approved.

Discussion by Vice Provost: Strategic partnerships are one of the principle means of promoting internationalization and global citizenship. Institutional partners are recommended by a faculty committee, faculty groups have the lead to actualize the partnership. University of Freiberg is an example of an excellent relationship and long-term commitment. For instance, joint faculty hires are being considered. Student to student relationships are important. Study abroad can be life changing and, since global citizenship is a journey, the first steps can begin with classroom learning, trips abroad and interactions with some of our 10,000 international students.

There are so many measures of global citizenship, that one thing the committee can do is come up with ideas on ways to promote it. Martha Strickland offered a definition which is “Investing in relating, thinking, and engaging globally-locally (glocal) as a responsible learner on a multidimensional life journey without borders”.

The number of international students at New Kensington and Wilkes Barre has plummeted in recent years because those students found it difficult to live there given the lack of local transportation and support groups. Criteria are being developed to designate which commonwealth campuses are international campuses in order to avoid putting international students in situations where they feel isolated and unhappy.

International travel by spouse and family members on study abroad trips has been under discussion for the last year. Risk management concerns were focused on whether accompanying family members might cause faculty to have to divert their attention from the students under their supervision on the trip. Under newly approved language, such travel can now be approved by the Vice Provost with prior authorization. The language will be sent to the committee and the head of risk management will be invited to the next committee meeting, which will be held jointly with the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Michael Krajsa suggested having a list of faculty who have led study abroad who could be called upon in event of emergency to cover an unforeseen gap in faculty leadership in a study abroad program.

Mark Brennan briefed the committee on the UNESCO chair program and his role in it and his focus on youth participation in community development. That work has not been affected by the withdrawal of the United States from the organization. The U.S. has not paid its dues to UNESCO for six years and will now be relegated to the status of a nonvoting observer.

The possibility of live streaming of speakers on international issues to the commonwealth campuses was also discussed. Getting this information, which is sometimes contained in the Penn State Today daily email was also discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 am.

Prepared by Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.), PhD.
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September 12, 2017

Members Present: Dr. Adewumi, Vice Provost, Willie Ofosu, Chair, Dennis Jett, Vice Chair, Michael Krajsa, Martha J. Strickland, Brian King, Peter Rinehart, Jacqueline Markle, Loukas Kalisperis, Joanna DeFranco, Dena Lang. Invited speaker Jana Clinton.

Beth Farmer, Jyotsna Kalavar by phone.

Members Absent: Augustin Banyaga, L. Sam Finn, Mark Brennan


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.

Minutes from the 4/25/17 meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Senate Committee Priority Form was reviewed, which mandates drafting the following reports-one on global citizenship, one on how to make international students and scholars feel welcome at PSU, an annual report on participation of PSU students in global programs and one on family travel policy.

Presentation by Jana Clinton on global citizenship: Ms. Clinton described a number of reports and other resources the links to which are listed below.

Open doors report link will be sent to committee members.

Sign-up sheets for the three subcommittees on global citizenship, family travel policy and international students and scholars were passed around.

Vice Provost commented on environment for international education, anxiety among international students, slight decline in international applications but nonetheless with a small increase in the number of graduate students. Obtaining H1-B visas to hire international faculty has become very difficult and enforcement has become very strict. Study abroad applications are up 5% for spring semester. The Travel Safety Network is being used more – 4000 trips recorded two years ago, 7000 last year.

VP also discussed 6 regional hubs that will be the focus of supporting international programs on the commonwealth campuses. Two people per hub one focused on immigration and the second on other programs. Two people hired thus far. The other ten hopefully by the end of the semester. Erie, Harrisburg, York, Beaver, Burke, Altoona will the locations of the hubs.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00a.m.


Global Citizenship

  • Dennis Jett
  • Peter Rinehart
  • Dena Lang
  • Martha Strickland, Interim Chair

International Students and Scholars

  • Loukas Kalisperis
  • Brian King, Interim Chair
  • Jacqueline Markle

Family Travel Policy

  • Joanna DeFranco, Interim Chair
  • Mike Krajsa
  • Willie Ofosu

Prepared by Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.), Ph.D.