Meeting Minutes

Intercollegiate Athletics

December 5, 2017

Present: John Regan (Chair), Richard Duschl (Vice Chair), Mark Stephens, Cynthia Stifter, Terry Blakney, Paul Thompson, Dennis Scanlon, Sandy Barbour, Lynn Holleran, Russell Mushinsky, John Nichols, Bob Boland, Monica Ogrodnik, Richard Garey, Alberto Travagli, Charmelle Green, Tom Poole, Rob Pangborn, Matthew Stolberg, Keith Nelson

Absent:  Kimberly Nelson (sabbatical), Craig Meyers, Mathias Hanses, Daniel Perkins, Charles Miller

Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes from last meeting (October 17, 2017) were approved unanimously after a motion and second.


From Jay Regan (Chair):

  1. Approval of the bowl invitation – policy 67-10 (Section V., subsection D.) states “Participation in special events outside approved scheduled events by varsity teams or individual team members (such as football bowl games) must be approved by the IA Committee at least ten days prior to participation.” This is dissimilar to all other instances of approval, which are based on regular season, non-conference play. We followed the procedure of this committee from last year, with a conference call involving Chair Regan, Vice-Chair Duschl, FAR Scanlon, AD Sandy Barbour, and Senior Assoc. AD Lynn Holleran. Sandy laid out the likely bowl invitation scenarios, most of which had no implications with respect to study week, finals week, and the start of Spring 2018 semester.

From Sandy Barbour (Athletic Director):

  1. Bowl invitation
    1. Fiesta Bowl selection process reviewed in context of bid process (NY6) and CFP role. PSU with 12.5K tickets. Student allocation and pricing reviewed.
  2. Men’s soccer coach
    1. Coach Warming retiring. Search underway. Dennis Scanlon as faculty rep. Hire anticipated by mid-January.
  3. Sandy Barbour and Charmelle Green as reps to chancellor/president meeting of B1G schools
    1. Head of medical science (Brian H) for NCAA presented on concussion and other issues pertaining to athletics.
      1. PSU involved with concussion work-Scott Lynch, MD and Dr. Slobounov
    2. FBI and men’s basketball probe—conversation about ‘where do we go from here’.
    3. Update from Marc Silverman (BTN) regarding delivery content and changing service models (e.g. conversation about televising eSports as there is growing interest therein).
  4. Federal tax reform—implications for ICA. Deductibility of contributions; Excise tax on five highest paid employees (20%); excise tax on logo pulled (preliminarily)


  1. Update on Time Management Resources (meeting with Student Life – attachment in BoardEffect) – Rick Duschl/Monica Ogrodnik
    1. Charge from faculty senate to draft informational time management report for on-line guide. Meeting during last week of November to assess current resources and programs and discuss mechanism/location/modality of delivery.
      1. Databases are available currently for baseline data and also for time management resources
      2. Focus groups/structured interviews for data collection/needs assessment
    2. Monica working with student government (red folder initiative) as a resource for students in distress to facilitate obtaining needed help. Also looking at what other B1G schools are doing as a comparator for way(s) forward
    3. Time management and stress management intersect—will need to keep this in mind as initiative(s) unfold
  2. Update on Campus Athletics – Terry Blakney (Chair of Committee on Campus Athletics).
    1. Schedules in place prior to approval, necessitating waivers (e.g. Behrend wrestling and Hazleton).
    2. FAR updates pending.
    3. Campus update due (bi-annual)—offer of assistance rendered from IAC Chair
    4. D3 may now require graduation rates for member institutions. Unclear if codified at PSU. (Chuck Brown and Maureen Cooper looking into requirements, processes and existing data)


  1. Review of Relevant NCAA Legislation – Matt Stolberg (attachment in BoardEffect).
    1. 111 proposed changes for D-1; Five (5) proposals pulled for discussion with IAC. Most proposals deal with recruiting, governance, and executive membership. Voting is in April, with effective dates for next year. PSU vote is from the AD. Council proposals through B1G rep. PSU institutional position to be discussed today (12/5) and presented to University President in January.
      1. Inconsequential Legislation Elimination. Eliminated requirement for missed time policy—deferred to institutions. No changes for PSU processes.
      2. Graduate Transfers (basketball) under scrutiny. Must be degree-seeking student to qualify, but many students are not completing programs. 2017-55. Proposed remedy is to have student athlete count in scholarship roster for 2 years (even if 1 year program). Basketball-specific at this point.
      3. Playing/Practice Season (n = 2). If 3 contests in a given week—defer day off during that week (2017-64); 2017-76—Number of contests/Annual Exemption for Conference Challenge Event (e.g. B1G/ACC Challenge contest would be exempt from max contest count)
      4. Permission to contact for transfers—replacing “permission to contact” legislation with “notification of transfer” model. Violation as significant infraction
  2. Presentation of NCAA Graduation Rate Data – Russ Mushinsky (Five attachments in BoardEffect). There are 3 metrics—the nomenclature can be confusing:
    1. Academic progress rates (APR)—current ‘look’ of student-athletes in terms of performance and eligibility. Score released in spring. Fall ‘16/Spring ’17 data recently submitted.
    2. Federal Graduation Rate (FGR). Data for all students. Department of Education. 6 years to graduate. Historical data. 800 student athletes at PSU ~ 550 on aid (data only on scholarship students). Looks at first-time/full-time as of fall matriculation. Provides comparative data with general student body. Single year rate and 4-year rate provided. Rolling data.
      1. Reported as 1 year and 4 year rate
      2. 2010-2011 data presented in handout (student and student athlete)
    3. Graduation Success Rate (GSR). Created by NCAA in 2002. Students given 6 years to graduate. Adding in students that start mid-year (Jan) and transfer athletes receiving aid. (n = 15 students added to single year cohort at PSU). Deleting students that leave PSU in good academic standings. These factors change cohort/data compared with Federal system. No comparator with general student body
      1. See pages 3-5 of handout for calculations
      2. Reported as 4 year rate
      3. Retention appears to be critical for FGR/GSR calculations
  3. Input on Annual IAC Calendar of Activities – Jay Regan (attachment in BoardEffect).
    1. For situational awareness—available on-line
      1. Rob Pangborn asked to review WRT reporting requirements
      2. Bob asked to review WRT integrity reports
  4. Award opportunities for post-graduate fellowships – Dennis Scanlon
    1. NCAA; B1G and Foundations
      1. PSU has internal committee-seeking 2 IAC volunteers
      2. First recommendation due Jan, 2018
      3. Rick Duschl and Alberto Travagli agreed to help Dennis with these reviews.
  5. Comments and Recommendations for the Committee
    1. Rick Duschl—Development opportunities for students through various colleges. Is this possible for athletics? Develop endowment for student-athletes in context of post-graduate fellowships/education. Unclear if this is possible unless open to all students. Status likely post-eligibility; post-competition. Question if limited to graduate opportunities within Penn State system (arguments for/against this presented). University fellowships office has opportunities beyond PSU.
    2. At officers and chairs meeting 12/4, Jay brought up a provision in 67-00 that student-athletes cannot use World Campus offerings to meet full-time status eligibility requirements. The group was not sure whether this is NCAA restriction, or coupled to state funding. ICA has been asked to investigate if this language is vestigial and can be struck from the 67-00.
      1. Matt commented that prior NCAA guidelines treated World Campus as a separate campus. New guidance from NCAA allows more flexibility in application. TBD what programmatic direction to follow. Appears that World Campus offerings primarily are ‘add on’ to current requirements. Many PSU departments offer on-line courses that are NOT World Campus offerings.
      2. Plan to add to January meeting agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Minutes drafted by Mark Stephens and submitted by John Regan.

October 17, 2017

Present:  John Regan (Chair), Richard Duschl (Vice Chair) (phone), Mark Stephens, Cynthia Stifter, Kimberly Nelson (phone), Terry Blakney, Paul Thompson, Dennis Scanlon (phone), Sandy Barbour, Lynn Holleran, Russell Mushinsky, John Nichols, Mathias Hanses, Bob Boland, Monica Ogrodnik, Richard Garey, Alberto Travagli, Craig Meyers, Daniel Perkins, Charmelle Green, Charles Miller (phone)

Absent:  Tom Poole, Rob Pangborn, Matthew Stolberg, Keith Nelson

Meeting called to order at 8:00 a.m.


Minutes from last meeting (September 12, 2017) were approved unanimously after a motion and second.


From Jay Regan (Chair):

  1. Committee on Campus Athletics, chair is Terry Blakney from Behrend.
  2. Assignment of subcommittees to tackle our three charges for academic year:
    1. Jointly with Student Life, development of on-line time management resources for all students. Rick Duschl, Charmelle Green, and Paul Thompson from our committee; Kevin Harwell as Chair (Student Life) and another member; and Jonna Kulikowich (past Chair of IAC) and Linda Caldwell (retired FAR) expressed interest in contributing.
    2. Jointly with the Committee on Committees and Rules (CC&R), consider revisions to standing rules of committee composition. Senate leadership prefers to keep the committee as-is rather than having a joint standing committee; suggestion to revisit standing rules to committee to address mentioned concerns. Lynn Holleran, Dennis Scanlon, Terry Blakney, Cindy Stifter, and Daniel Perkins to help.
    3. Informational/advisory report on Senate’s participation in the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA). Jay Regan, Tom Poole, Mark Stephens, John Nichols, Richard Garey to help.
  3. Opportunity to participate in agenda-setting meetings two weeks before our committee meeting. If interested, let Jay know and he can relay details.

From Sandy Barbour (Athletic Director):

  1. ESPN GameDay coming – will be set up in front of Old Main, to feature campus.
  2. Comments about National Anthem and respect.
  3. Big 10 joint meetings. Lot of discussion on transfer regulations—impact on graduation. Graduate transfer rule has changed the landscape.
  4. FBI/men’s basketball evolving; NCAA ruling on UNC handed down.
  5. State of Excellence week at PSU—celebrating champions on and off the field.


  1. Spring women’s and men’s basketball schedules were approved via BoardEffect poll.


  1. Student Athlete Experience Survey (Charmelle Green)
    1. Data is generally encouraging. Potential areas of interest/concern:
      1. Noise in study hall
      2. Tutor availability—tutor coordinator hired.
      3. Student-athlete/team reaching goals and/or full potential
    2. Suggestions for improvement – for consideration by professional survey group that will be involved next year:
      1. Statistical input (simple correlations?)
      2. Survey design (wording of questions; Likert scaling; # of questions)
  2. Committee input on our three charges
    1. Development of online Time Management resources.
      1. What resources already exist? (avoid rework) and how to distribute to student-athletes and general student body (Student Life as partner)
      2. UP students have first-year seminar (engineering as an example). Athletes have several existing first-year seminar sessions on time management (outline for those sessions exist). Harrisburg has a good program (Paul Thompson)
    2. Revisions to standing rules of committee
      1. Standing joint committee vs Senate committee
      2. Need continuity of membership/leadership, and availability for summer activities
      3. Kim will forward Linda’s notes about standing rules
    3. Participation in COIA (Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics)
      1. Background: PSU as a founding member under Miles Brandt’s tenure with the NCAA. Began with B1G and moved outwards from there. Only association of faculty senates of any type. ( Helped to establish APR. Goal to increase faculty involvement in governance of intercollegiate athletics.
      2. Why are we involved? What does COIA offer in addition to what we are already doing?
      3. Should we remain involved? What is our current level of involvement? What should our involvement look like if we choose to remain involved?
  3. Comments and Recommendations for the Committee – none noted

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Minutes drafted by Mark Stephens and submitted by John Regan.
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September 12, 2017

Present: John Regan (Chair), Richard Duschl (Vice Chair), Mark Stephens, Cynthia Stifter, Kimberly Nelson (phone), Terry Blakney, Paul Thompson, Rob Pangborn, Tom Poole, Dennis Scanlon, Sandy Barbour, Lynn Holleran, Russell Mushinsky, Matthew Stolberg, John Nichols, Keith Nelson, Mathias Hanses, Bob Boland, Monica Ogrodnik, Richard Garey, Alberto Travagli (phone)

Absent: Craig Meyers, Daniel Perkins, Charmelle Green, Charles Miller

Meeting called to order at 8:00 am


Minutes from last meeting (April 25, 2017) were approved unanimously after a motion and second.


From the Chair:

  1. Committee materials are posted on BoardEffect and should be accessed by committee members accordingly.
  2. Orientation materials – also posted with some to be updated by Russ Mushinsky and Dennis Scanlon


No old business.


  1. Committee Charge for the Year – Jay Regan described the ‘charge’ he was given as chair of the committee from Senate Chair Matthew Woessner. Jay proposes that we have three subcommittees addressing these three charges. He will make assignments but would like committee members to let him know which of these subcommittees they prefer to serve on (note volunteers that emerged from or after the meeting).
    1. In collaboration with the student life committee, the athletics committee will draft an informational report on time management. Jay talked with the chair of the student life committee (Kevin Harwell) about the process for doing this. (This is a continuation of activities started last year, and Kevin participated in that along with Jonna and Linda from our committee.)  This work is likely to begin with documenting existing resources available on campus with respect to different units and resources that are available for students as it pertains to time management.  Key question is why athletics was given this charge as athletes are students but also have unique circumstances and demands that are different from other students?  There are some materials, such as course content taught in a first-year seminar for SAs, so we can possibly assist as a committee with examples from athletics, but the charge seems to apply to the entire PSU student population outside of athletics.  Charmelle Greene, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator, can assist with this as she has already done some survey work of SAs. Volunteers: Charmelle Greene (by Lynn Holleran), Paul Thompson.
    2. Jointly with the Committee on Committees and Rules (CC&R), the intercollegiate athletics committee should consider revisions to standing rules of committee composition, with the goal of giving faculty representation continuity over time given the deep knowledge required to actively participate in this committee. Another concern is that there are activities that happen in the summer that may require committee input (e.g., a mechanism for voting in the summer).  The committee may start with the proposal sent to CC&R last year and the feedback received on this proposal. Jay will put this feedback into BoardEffect.  Standing committee rules should be on the website. Volunteers: Richard Duschl (chair), Lynn Holleran, and Terry Blakney and Cindy Stifter (by email after the meeting).
    3. Consider drafting an informational and advisory report addressing whether the University Faculty Senate should continue to participate in the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA). Key questions are: Is there value in participating in COIA, an alliance of University Faculty Senates, beyond our current Faculty Senate Athletics Committee?   Also, what is the purpose and role of a member institution in COIA.  If PSU continues participation, what should PSU governance and participation in COIA look like? Volunteers: John Nichols, Tom Poole (by email after the meeting).
  2. Sandy Barbour provided an update from the Athletic Director
    1. Recently gave a presentation to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee with a number of updates about ICA. Also fielded questions from this committee.
    2. NCAA Time Management and Time Balance Information – some positives coming out of this NCAA mandate, which came from a push from the national student advisory council. There are some unintended consequences as well.  This is the first year and the NCAA is being relatively liberal with this, allowing institutions to chart their own course. Penn State is working closely with students and coaches on schedules, planning, time balance, days off, etc.
      1. There were questions and discussions about how the NCAA Time Balance legislation is playing out nationally and how PSU is handling this.
      2. Lynn Holleran suggested that it might be beneficial for ICA to share details of the NCAA requirements and PSU’s plans, especially for the sub-committee charged with focusing on time management in conjunction with the Student Life committee.
      3. Keith Nelson expressed an interest in learning more and thinking about whether what is required, and how PSU is responding, is having the intended impact on student athlete welfare.
  3. John Nichols requested that the committee formally recognize Sandy Barbour for receiving an award for national AD of the year.
  4. Bob Borland introduced himself and his role as Athletics Integrity Officer at Penn State. Bob indicated that with the formal Consent Decree expiring, the Athletics Integrity Plan will be continuing voluntarily per PSU’s decision, and he is currently working on educating the community about how this plan will be organized and implemented moving forward. Jay added mention of the Athletics Integrity Council and makeup of that Council.  He also indicated that over the summer, there was a motion and decision by the Council members to add an ICA administrator as an ex-officio member.  Lynn Holleran is now serving as that representative.
  5. Lynn Holleran discussed Spring 2018 sports schedules for committee discussion and approval, with a focus on the amount of missed class time for each sport based on competition and travel schedules. Lynn noted the Faculty Senate maximum of no more than eight scheduled missed class days, not including post-season competitions. Lynn discussed the process for committee approval and for approval of any changes post this approval, which are generally handled by Dennis Scanlon (FAR) and Jay Regan (committee chair).  Any request for over eight scheduled days of missed class time would come back to the full committee for consideration.
    1. Men’s and Women’s Track and Fields is requesting a waiver to compete on a study day for the Penn Relays, which is not a Big 10 sanctioned event.
    2. There were several questions about the scheduling process and missed class times.
    3. Terry Blakney offered a motion to approve the Spring 2018 ICA athletics spring team schedules. Rich Duschl seconded.  The committee unanimously approved.
    4. There was a question regarding the study days for the Penn Relays and how students at academic risk would be identified and possibly kept from traveling to the Penn Relays. Russ Mushinsky talked about the process the Morgan Center uses in conjunction with the coaches to identify students at academic risk.
    5. Rick Duschl offered a motion to approve the request for travel day waiver for the Penn Relays for men’s and women’s track and field. Terry Blakney seconded the motion.  The committee unanimously approved this waiver request.
  6. There was some discussion about the informational report produced by the outgoing FAR that is on the Senate Agenda for today. John Nichols suggested that the committee reconsider the timing of the report to allow for committee member review and feedback prior to submission to the Senate, as he did not feel there was adequate input from the committee on this report.  Russ Mushinsky noted that the report, in a near final draft form (pending receipt of final data), was discussed by Linda Caldwell at the April 2017 meeting and thus there was an opportunity for feedback at that point.  Terry Blakney suggested that some additional data, such as presentation of actual to projected missed class days by team, could be presented in the report, allowing the committee to see what happens relative to what is planned.  Dennis Scanlon suggested that the committee provide thoughts and feedback with respect to the ideal report content, timing, and structure so as to allow for a report for next year and future years that meets the committee’s objectives. This would be a good item to follow up on in future meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am. 

Minutes drafted by Dennis Scanlon and submitted by John Regan.
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April 25, 2017

Attendees: Terry Blakney, John Boehmer, Linda Caldwell, Morgon Goranson, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Lynn Holleran, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Mahdi Nasereddin, Kim Nelson, John Nichols, Rob Pangborn, Thomas Poole, Jay Reagan, Dennis Scanlon

Absent: Sandy Barbour, Eric Baumer, Regis Becker, Craig Meyers, Robert Ricketts, Russell Mushinsky, Matthew Stolberg

  1. Meeting started at 8:00am with approval of minutes from 21 March 2017. Minutes were approved.
  2. Announcements from the Chair:
    1. IAC welcomed Dennis Scanlon, incoming Faculty Athletics Representative, to his first Committee meeting.
    2. Outstanding items on the committee priority form:
      1. Priority Form Item A1: New membership document
    3. Still waiting on official report from CC&R as to recommendations in revising draft legislation on IAC governance structure
  3. Announcements from Senior Associate Athletic Director Holleran
    1. Students held the Nittany’s last night (April 24, 2017), 24/31 teams have over a 3.0 GPA, 6 Big 10 championships, more than any other in the Conference
    2. Women’s gymnastic head coach search is still underway, and candidates will be on campus next week. The women’s ice hockey coach retired and a search for a new head coach is underway. Also searching for a performance psychologist and sports nutritionist, who are both assistant athletic directors.
    3. UFS IAC 67-10 Summary Form
      1. Teams that will not miss any class time are blank across the line.
      2. It is yet to be determined how many days of class men’s basketball will miss (somewhere between 1 and 3). This is because two Big 10 games will be held in December, which is unusual. We are requesting that one of these Big 10 games will be scheduled at home.
      3. Men’s fencing will have individual tournaments in the Fall, for which they must qualify. All the events are listed, but steps are being taken to avoid students going over the 8 missed days referenced in University policy.
      4. Men’s wrestling will request to compete on a study day, but this will come down to how the Big 10 schedules the competition.
      5. Women’s basketball is only missing two class days, but one of which is a study day.
    4. Fall 2017 Schedules
      1. Men’s basketball waiver request: there is a compacted season due to Big 10 scheduling, finals week, and graduation events in the BJC that require this waiver. Multi-year APR for the team is 970. Also included cumulative GPA for all returning student-athletes. Finally, they have included a plan, in consultation with the Morgan Academic Center, to make up the time lost on the study day.
        1. Vice Chair Nelson noted that several students on the team are close to falling below the GPA required for graduation.
        2. FAR Caldwell pointed out that this is almost always the case, but noted the validity of the concern.
      2. Tennis and men’s fencing will not have more than 8 missed class days for any one student.
      3. Men’s wrestling waiver request: Policy-wise, because the requested date is a Big 10 scheduled competition, it does not require a waiver, but for transparency we are going through the process and the students must create a plan to make up the study days.
      4. Women’s basketball waiver request: this is a rescheduled game. Same data are included as previous waiver requests.
      5. Women’s Tennis waiver request: Individual tournaments and competitions are included, but no student will go over 8 missed days of class.
      6. Thomas Poole pointed out that it seems men’s and women’s basketball always seem to have exceptions for out-of conference games, and said that in the past we wanted to avoid allowing these exceptions for out of conference games.
      7. John Boehmer pointed out that championship tournaments are a problem for students, and these are out of the jurisdiction of the Committee.
      8. IAC approved Schedules for Fall 2017.
      9. IAC approved waivers for study days.
  4. Announcements from FAR Linda Caldwell
    1. Summary of Waivers for Outside Competition Granted for 2016-2017
      1. Excerpted the ones that made sense to look at, by sport and by student, and shows frequency of waivers for Fall and Spring, including the frequency of days across both semesters.
      2. Men’s fencing had fewer missed days than in previous years.
      3. Field hockey missed more than in the past, which shows how successful they are.
      4. Women’s soccer has experienced scheduling challenges in the past year. Several students played on the national team and were not enrolled for the fall semester, so their information is not included. Saw a 129% increase in days missed from the previous year. FAR Caldwell works closely with the Morgan Academic Center, meets with all these elite student-athletes at least once a semester, and almost all uphold their end of the bargain and maintain their grades.
      5. Tom Poole pointed out that one student missed 22 days of class time, and asked if we would allow a student who is not a student-athlete to miss this amount of time.
        1. Lynn Holleran pointed out that student has a very high GPA and that student-athletes have this intense waiver process to ensure they keep up with their academic responsibilities.
        2. John Nichols noted that if a student came to him with an elite internship that was going to miss this much class time, he would advise them to take the semester off, but due to NCAA regulations student-athletes cannot do that.
        3. Lynn Holleran noted that this has not been a national topic of discussion, and that the Big 10 is the only conference that requires these waivers
        4. Rob Pangborn noted that there was a mumps outbreak that required some students to be separated from the university for 26 days, and notes that student-athletes missing this much class time is not fair to the faculty or the student.
    2. Status of the FAR Report
      1. Annual report presented for the University Faculty Senate, following the same format that IAC has used for years. Would appreciate the Committee’s feedback to ensure it captures what we have done throughout the Senate year.
      2. APR data summaries are not yet included
  5. Old Business
    1. Recommendations from CC&R about governance structure report
      1. No official document yet, but an update from Chair Kulikowich
      2. Likely considerations and recommendations for IAC may include: retaining existing IAC standing committee, creation of a working group of IAC and CC&R, appreciated need for continuity, recommend that an athletics academic advisor also be a member of the Committee, and that one of the University Faculty Senate members be Chair of the Committee.
      3. Chair Kulikowich noted that after the meeting of CC&R last month (March 21, 2017), which Chair Blasko could not attend, she was notified that Chair Strauss and Immediate Past Chair Ansari would help form a working group on the governance structure of IAC with representation of committee members from both CC&R and IAC. When Chair Kulikowich asked Chair Strauss for recommendations, he provided a draft list and shared that the official set of recommendations would come from Chair Blasko. Chair Blasko and Executive Director Dan Hagen were not familiar with the draft list of recommendations. Chair Kulikowich expressed concern about the communication within CC&R and between CC&R and IAC regarding CC&R’s review and evaluation of legislative report drafted by IAC.
      4. John Nichols noted that if the Faculty Senate wants to retain the power of oversight, it must accept full responsibility. He noted that discussion next year will be headed by CC&R, whose membership likely has limited knowledge and expertise about intercollegiate athletics.
      5. Chair Kulikowich noted that while all faculty are likely to be familiar with topics discussed on a committee such as Faculty Benefits, few faculty will likely be familiar with all topics (e.g., NCAA regulations) representing the units and membership of IAC that include but are not limited to: Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Campus Athletic Programs, Undergraduate Education, the Faculty Athletics Representative, and the University Faculty Senate.
      6. Kane High asked if there could be two-year terms for faculty senators, possibly staggered. Chair Kulikowich noted that the original proposal included four-year terms. Discussion about length of terms is recommended for next year.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:32 a.m.

Minutes drafted by Morgon Goranson and submitted by Jonna M. Kulikowich
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March 14, 2017 (Rescheduled for March 21, 2017)

Attendees: Sandy Barbour, Terry Blakney, Linda Caldwell, Morgon Goranson, Lynn Holleran, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Russell Mushinksy, Mahdi Nasereddin, Kimberly Nelson, Robert Pangborn, Thomas Poole, Jay Reagan

Absent: Eric Baumer, Regis Becker, John Boehmer, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Craig Meyers, John Nichols, Robert Ricketts, Matthew Stolberg

    1. Meeting started at 8:00AM with approval of minutes from January 24, 2017 meeting.
    2. Sandy Barbour presented 3 topics:
      1. BIG 10 media rights being public likely May/June; business details mostly completed with contract covering 7 television partners on one contract. 4 million will be earmarked for general student population with 500,000 each going to Blue Band and campus Mental Health; 2 million to Arboretum arts and Cultural center and 1 million to Summer Pass program.
      2. Facility Master Plan released last Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Some disappointment as people were looking for blueprints but this was not a purpose of master plan. Now move to fundraising stage.
      3. Women gymnastics coach released. Currently beginning interview process

Comments on success of athletic programs and Penn State to host BIG 10 track championships 5/12,13,14

  • Announcements from Jonna Kulikowich: Leaving IAC meeting to attend CC&R meeting to discuss the legislative report about proposed new governance structure of the Senate Committee on Intercolleagiate Athletics. Anticipated questions on giving up oversight. Attending meeting with Jeff Laman, Chair of IAC in 2015-2016 to answer questions from CC&R.
  • Kim Nelson provided updates on the Priority Form for 2016-2017
    1. Chair Kulikowich will distribute a draft of new membership report for Committee review.
    2. ARSSA report completed
    3. 67-10 and 67-30 final revisions were approved by the University Faculty Senate.
    4. Governance structure legislative report under review by CC&R.
    5. AIC report will be postponed since a new Athletics Integrity Officer is to be hired.Linda Caldwell provided an update for Regis Becker. 6 candidates were being Skype interviewed scheduled for Friday, March 31, 2017. The Athletics Integrity Agreement expires August, 2017. There has been a suggestion that reference to the policy-making function of the AIC be deleted. Robert Pangborn pointed out that large turnover anticipated on the AIC committee given the need to replace the 3 people leaving.
    6. Time Management to be addressed later in the meeting.
    7. Intercollegiate Athletics committee visited the Morgan Academic Center and were provided a tour by Director Mushinsky to learn of the resources provided to student-athletes.
    8. A8 not addressed
    9. New FAR is anticipated being introduced next week
  • Linda Caldwell mentioned the graduate scholarship winners of Wrestling Geno Morelli and Swimming Casey Francis.
  • Mahdi Nasereddin reported that he is awaiting reports on Campus Athletics from Altoona. All athletic schedules for campus have been approved with some issues solved on missed days but everything running smoothly.
  • Robert Pangborn presented report on class scan with more than 20% athletic participation. Summary of findings shows no real issues exists for student-athletes enrolling in certain classes. Mentioned that 10% of undergraduate grades are changed campus wide with no issues with higher percentage of student-athletes. Linda Caldwell stated when a student-athlete’s grade is changed and it effects eligibility, the faculty member is issued a form inquiring as to the nature of the change.
  • Russ Mushinsky reported on two types of reports regarding student-athletes’ academic majors. No changes were noted between 2014 and 2016. This report was the 6th edition of the report since it is run every two years. Reports dealt with academic majors of student-athletes vs non student-athletes and second report was about major by team. Some discussion on what to do with DUS students ensued.Mahdi asked if it were possible for the campuses to run similar reports which may be interesting as well.
  • Linda then discussed the Time Management study is in exploratory phase to see what has been done previously at other campuses. Facing a brand new issue in how time is spent watching Netflix so considering that previous studies likely did not track time given use of new digital media since they did not exist. Hope to have a survey ready to be implemented for next year.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:24AM


Submitted by Terry Blakney

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January 24, 2017

In Attendance: Regis Becker, Terry Blakney, John Boehmer, Linda Caldwell, Morgon Goranson, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Craig Meyers, Russell Mushinsky, Kimberlyn Nelson, John Nichols, Robert Pangborn, Thomas Poole, Matthew Stolberg

Absent: Sandy Barbour, Eric Baumer, Mahdi Nasereddin, John Regan, Robert Ricketts

  1. Minutes of the meeting for December 6, 2016 were approved with the addition of Vice Chair Nelson as member of the working group preparing the final legislative report on Committee Governance Structure.
  2. Senior Associate Athletic Director Lynn Holleran provided updates on behalf of Athletic Director Sandy Barbour who could not attend meeting. Updates were shared about attendance at the recent NCAA convention.
  3. Chair Kulikowich and Vice Chair Nelson provided updates on the status of the Governance Structure Legislative Report. Final editorial changes had been made regarding: student representation, Division III representation, schedule of meetings, and term of service. The Committee decided to review all final changes by January 31 so that a final approved document could be submitted to the Senate Office by February 3. Chair Kulikowich announced the formation of a Joint Subcommittee of Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Life members to work on the Time Management informational report. Members are: John Boehmer (IAC), Linda Caldwell (IAC), Morgon Goranson (IAC), Kevin Harrell (SL), Jonna Kulikowich (IAC), Shawn Lichvar (SL), and Alex Shockley (SL).
  4. Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education Robert Pangborn distributed two reports. One report was the Annual Report on the Reserved Spaces Program sponsored by the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid. Data were summarized for 2009-2016. In 2016, 2.62% (232) of spaces were used in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Increases in reserved spaces were noted since 2013 reflecting increases in first-year admissions. A second document provided charts of student academic performance in 2014 and 2015 for the reserved spaces program.
  5. Senior Associate Athletic Director Charmelle Green summarized the Mental Health Task Force Report (March 2016) for student-athletes. The Intercollegiate Athletics Mental Health Task Force follows five guiding principles: 1) provide leadership; 2) build communication and collaboration; 3) provide education and resources; 4) advocate psychological service for student-athletes; and, 5) develop a supportive culture. Data were collected by the Task Force for Fall 2015, and one important finding was that while only 1.7 percent of the University enrollment for 2015 are student-athletes, student-athletes represented 6.6 percent of all students who sought CAPS assistance. Additionally, since 2010, an increase of 26.2 percent of student-athletes seeking assistance from CAPS was reported. Based on the data summaries, the Task Force recommended several priorities that included: 1) expansion of mental health services to allow comprehensive care of student-athletes; 2) development of a comprehensive outreach and education strategy; 3) use of protocols for an institution-wide network of support; 4) development of communication protocols around mental health issues; 5) expansion of mental health courses in BBH first year seminar; 6) enhanced awareness and improvement with detection of depression, anxiety, etc. with Sports Medicine tools; 7) collection of data; 8) an annual mental health symposium; 9) contact information for teams and staff; 10) creation of a web-based library of resources; and, 11) development of social media presence.
  6. The Committee welcomed Regis Becker who is Director of University Ethics and Compliance. Director Becker provided updates about the search for the next Athletics Integrity Officer at Penn State. More than 80 applications had been submitted. Committee members asked questions about the roles and responsibilities of the Athletics Integrity Office as well as documents such as the code of conduct for intercollegiate athletics.
  7. Faculty Athletics Representative Caldwell requested assistance to review applications for postgraduate scholarships. Terry Blakney and Kim Nelson volunteered to review applications. Linda Caldwell also provided an overview of the Faculty Partners Program and invited Committee members to send names of faculty who might be interested in participating in the program.
  8. Old Business – none.
  9. New Business – none.
  10. From 9AM to 9:30AM, Morgan Academic Center Director Russ Mushinsky provided a tour of the new location of the Center at the Greenberg Complex, McKean Road. The Morgan Academic Center includes many advising, teaching, work and study areas that are equipped with modern technology resources to provide academic assistance and support for student-athletes.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 9:30AM.

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December 6, 2016

In Attendance: Sandy Barbour, Eric Baumer, Terry Blakney, John Boehmer, Ken Brentner, Linda Caldwell, Julie Del Giorno, Morgan Goranson, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Lynn Holleran, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Russell Mushinsky, Mahdi Nasereddin, Kimberlyn Nelson, John Nichols, Robert Pangborn, Matthew Stolberg

Absent: Craig Meyers, Robert Ricketts

  1. Minutes of the October 18 meeting were approved.
  2. Announcements by Chair Kulikowich and Vice-Chair Nelson
    1. Bowl Announcement
    2. Progress on Priority Form Goals and Objectives
    3. Reports in Progress
      • Discussed Membership Document (for January plenary meeting)
      • Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics and Oversight Structure (for March plenary meeting)
      • Informational Report on Morgan Academic Support Center (for March plenary meeting)
      • Time Balance and Management Survey (for April plenary meeting)
    4. Athletic Integrity Officer – Julie … Report for Senate in March?
  3. Announcement by Athletic Director Barbour
    1. Football team invited to represent the Big Ten Conference in the 103 Rose Bowl, January 2, 2017. A subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (Linda Caldwell, Jonna Kulikowich, Kim Nelson) approved the participation during a teleconference on Sunday morning Dec 4, 2016 with Sandy Barbour. The 67-00 protocol was followed. The full Committee affirmed the approval by the subcommittee.
    2. NCAA Convention will be held in Nashville in January 2017. Members of PSU IAC Senate Committee will attend. The major legislative focus is in on time balance. This legislation will have significant institutional discretion.
    3. Announcements from Sandy Barbour given attendance at executive meeting for Athletic Directors:
      • There was a discussion about the policy/approach on sexual assault.
      • A couple of presidents unhappy with the announcement of Friday night package; Faculty representatives also unhappy.
  4. Penn State opted out of home Friday night games; occasionally there will be a day game on Friday after Thanksgiving; willing once a year to participate in a Friday night away game.
  5. Announcements from Morgan Academic Center Director MushinskyA presentation on “How are NCAA Graduation Rates Calculated?” explained the differences between Federal Graduation Rate, Graduation Success Rate (GSR), and Academic Success Rate (ASR). One of the most significant difference is that the Federal Graduation Rate is based on data collected by the Department of Education and only those athletes who enroll in the fall semester are accounted for; whereas, the GSR accounts for students enrolled in the fall, mid-year and transfer student athletes who receive aid, and students who leave the institution in good academic standing are not counted negatively. The remainder of the report provided several comparisons of PSU athletes with national and Big Ten schools, with details by sport and gender. Details for all PSU teams were included. Overall Penn State is in a fairly good condition, and is keeping eyes on the teams where that is needed.
  6. Old Business
    1. A report on Policy 42-27 (class attendance policy) was given by Lynn Holleran. The Senate changed language to make it more obvious that when work cannot be made up (for an excused absence), it can impact the student’s grade. Some student athletes have not been able to make up work – the Morgan Academic Center tries to help with this. The Committee supports the research/data collection by the Morgan Center can track how often this happens.
    2. A report on Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics and Oversight Structure was reviewed with editorial suggestions provided by Division III Campus Faculty Athletics Representative Chuck Brown. This report should be a legislative report. The recommendations are based on the effort of the past 2 years as starting point. Items discussed and approved as changes for draft report were:
      • Student Representation: representative of SAAB and student senator
      • Division III Representation: need a campus FAR representative, CCA representative, ensure campus FAR, preferably CCA chair; Reference polices 67-00, 67-10, and 67-30.
      • Schedule of Meetings: 10 meetings per year – more or less as needed (9 per academic year of which 6 are coordinated with the Faculty Senate calendar, and 1 summer meeting). A rationale for the number of meetings should be given in the guidelines.
      • Term of Service: Focus on 4 year, staggered term to promote continuity and transition, as possible; allow renewal for 2nd term of 4 years; student term 1 year, renewable for 1 year.
      • A small working group consisting of Lynn Holleran, Linda Caldwell, Moran Goranson (student senator), Eric Bauman (senator) task to help finalize this draft.
    3. A Time Balance and Management Survey was discussed. Planning for the survey should be done by a group consisting of a student senator, faculty senators (John Boehmer, Jonna Kulikowich, and Linda Caldwell). Some key items that need to be determined are the length of the survey, sampling plans, ways to administer, and a data analysis plan. Student Life will also assist with the report, and a faculty senator and student senator will join the subcommittee to represent Student Life.
  7. New Business
    1. Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) is proposing a change of governance: reconfiguration of alliance might strength it; include all Division 1 FBS schools; steering committee, more conference membership to COIA committee chairs.   This should not have a strong impact to Penn State. Voting will occur at the national meeting in February. The Committee agreed that John Nichols should represent Penn State at this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:38AM.
Minutes drafted by Ken Brentner

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October 18, 2016

In Attendance: Sandy Barbour, Eric Baumer, Terry Blakney, John Boehmer, Ken Brentner, Linda Caldwell, Julie Del Giorno, Morgan Goranson, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Lynn Holleran, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Russell Mushinsky, Mahdi Nasereddin, Kimberlyn Nelson, John Nichols, Robert Pangborn, Robert Ricketts, Matthew Stolberg

Absent: Craig Meyers, Thomas Poole

  1. Minutes of the September 6 meeting were approved unanimously.
  2. Announcements by Chair Kulikowich and Vice-Chair Nelson
    1. Updates provided on progress toward priority form goals and objectives.
    2. Chair Kulikowich announced that two reports were on the agenda for the October 18 plenary meeting. One legislative report included a final revision to policy 67-00; specifically 67-10 with the deletion of statement B under section Grants-in-Aid. Linda Caldwell will stand for questions for a second informational report entitled: “Annual Report on Academic Eligibility and Athletic Scholarships for 2015-2016.”
  3. Announcements by Mahdi NaserredinMahdi Naserredin provided updates on behalf of Campus Athletics programs. An informational report could be ready as early as December 6 for Committee review.
  4. Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics and Oversight StructureThe Committee spent considerable time reviewing a draft of a report for a proposed new Extra Senatorial Committee. Specific attention was paid to topics of Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics and Oversight Structure. Several questions were asked. First, there was a question as to what type of report should be prepared as either Advisory/Consultative or Legislative. A structural chart illustrating membership and responsibility was reviewed in relation to the current draft of text. It was recommended that greater clarity be provided about student membership and include both a student senator and student-athlete. It was also recommended that more information be provided about the relation between the proposed committee and the Extra Senatorial Committee on Campus Athletics ensuring representation of Division III athletic programs. Senators asked about terms of service as members of the new committee with idea of a four-year term as a possibility. A final set of questions related to the calendar of meetings including how many meetings should be scheduled each year and how the schedule would match to the University Faculty Senate meeting schedule. IAC will continue to review the report and provide recommendations for a final draft in the December meeting with a plan to submit the report to the Senate Office in Spring 2017.
  5. Time Demands, Time Balance, and Time ManagementIAC will plan to conduct a survey co-sponsored with Student Life about how students at all University locations manage their time. Charmelle Green distributed summaries of the Student-Athlete Experience Survey Data. The data were collected from Fall 2013 through Spring 2016. Across all three years, the majority of student-athletes indicated that their overall experience at Penn State met or exceeded expectations. The majority of student-athletes also indicated that their overall learning experience was Good or Excellent with average rating of at least 3.40 on a 4 point scale. Other topics included on the survey were about the Morgan Academic Support Center and the Faculty Partner Program. Athletic Director Barbour introduced the topic of Time Balance and how student-athletes are encouraged to manage time during days off. Other important topics discussed were media responsibilities, compliance, community service, and life skills. The Committee will continue to work on a plan for survey development and administration to be co-sponsored with Student Life in the December meeting.
  6. Old Business. None.
  7. New Business. Lynn Holleran introduced concerns regarding instructors’ interpretation of parts of policy 42-27 with respect to attendance, grading requirements, and missed assignments and exams. The Committee will discuss the topics in December and possibly suggest recommendations to Undergraduate Education for their review.

Meeting adjourned at 9:38AM.


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September 6, 2016 Minutes

In Attendance: Sandy Barbour, Eric Baumer, Terry Blakney, Ken Brentner, Linda Caldwell, Morgan Goranson, Charmelle Green, Kane High, Lynn Holleran, Raymond Jones, Jonna Kulikowich, Craig Meyers, Russell Mushinsky, Mahdi Nasereddin, Kimberlyn Nelson, John Nichols, Robert Pangborn, Thomas Poole, Matthew Stolberg

Absent: John Boehmer, Julie Del Giorno, Robert Ricketts


  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements by Chair Kulikowich and Vice-Chair Nelson
    • Jonna Kulikowich encouraged the members to read the University Faculty Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules.
    • Review of the priority form. IAC will review to update the form in December.
    • High priority: new members document due in October.
    • A-3 revision to 67-00: IAC 2015-2016 Chair Jeff Laman headed the charge. Grants-in aid section needs to be revised. Section 3B needs to be removed because it disadvantages student athletes. Athletic Director Barbour agreed. A motion to strike section 3B was moved, and approved unanimously. The revised legislation will be submitted to the Senate Office by September 16. The IAC governance will be discussed in the next two meetings, in order to submit in early 2017.
    • One Committee goal for the year is to co-sponsor a report on Time Management Skills with the Committee on Student Life. The plan is to develop a survey to represent the opinions of all Penn State students.
    • Informational report on the resources available for students’ use.
    • CCA informational report for December
    • Athletic Director informational report is also on the priority form.
    • The annual standing committee report on Academic Eligibility and Scholarships for the previous year, 2015-2016, is ready and will be submitted to the Senate Office by September 16.
  3. Announcements by Athletic Director Barbour:
    • Big 10 media rights are close to be finalized for 2018. For six years, there have been the same 4 networks. Some of the increased revenue will be used for Academics and student services.
    • Facilities master plan announced later this fall. It is a 20 years plan and includes 21 facilities. It is inspirational and not yet finalized. Heavily dependent on philanthropy. Will also look at the plan every five years.
    • Morgan Academic Center completed in June. It was used in the summer. It will require some students to travel slightly more distance. The Center is one consolidated space (5 services placed into one building)
    • Lots of talk about time management. NCAA Legislation will be available in January about the topic.
  4. A tour of the Morgan Academic Center was requested by Vice-Chair Nelson. Director Russ Mushinsky offered to schedule a meeting in the Center for a tour. Faculty Athletics Representative Caldwell added that the Center is a great recruiting tool.Linda Caldwell recommended that time management be discussed in the next meeting. Several options were discussed in NCAA and would be beneficial for this group to discuss.
  5. Lynn Holleran, Senior Associate Athletic Director, presented the team schedules starting with a waiver on a study day.Waiver: men and women track for Penn Relay day April 29th (study day). Both teams are doing very well academically. Approved unanimouslyVarsity schedule Summary sheet for both fall and spring was presented by Lynn Holleran. Fencing, men’s lacrosse were used as examples. The spring schedules were approved unanimously.Linda Caldwell: excuse cards 1 to 2 days before the event used before. We now moved to a blanket letter signed by Robert Pangborn.Outside competitions not sponsored by Penn State were discussed.
  6. Announcements from Director of Morgan Academic Support Center, Russ MushinskyAcademic performance in summer:440 student-athletes attended summer school 3.17 GPA24 of 31 student-athletes with 3.0 or higherRange of credits vary
  7. New Business:Chair Kulikowich will revise the priority report summarized during the meeting and post to Board Effect for the October 18, 2016 meeting.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 am

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