Meeting Minutes

Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology

September 12, 2017

Members Present: Fred Aebli (by phone),  Robert Bridges,  Mary Beth Clark (by phone),  Barbara Dewey,  Roger Egolf,  Joseph Enama,  Karen Estlund,  Matthew Krott, Anne Langley,  Anna Mazzucato,  John Messner, Barry Pawloski,  Jacqueline Reid-Walsh,  Joe Salem, Eric Walker,  Chelsey Wood

Members Absent: Michael Kubit,  Terry O’Heron,  Kimlyn Patishnock,  Brad Sottile,  Jennifer Sparrow

Guests: Patrick Alexander


No minutes of the LIST Committee were approved as this was the first meeting of the new term.


The chair welcomed the committee members and introductions were made. Our guest Patrick Alexander of the Penn State University Press was introduced.  He brought several examples of books as well as a pamphlet with several journals published by the Penn State University Press.


There was no unfinished business.


Our guest Patrick Alexander began with a discussion of the Penn State University Press.   His presentation included the following facts.

Summary. Founded in 1956, The Pennsylvania State University Press publishes annually sixty to seventy books and (in 2017) more than sixty journals (in print and digital form). The majority of books published are peer-reviewed scholarly monographs for research libraries. One to three titles appear annually in our Keystone Books imprint, whose titles, though reviewed, are regional works for the citizens of Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. The Press has its own warehouse and distribution facility and distributes for entities other than the

Press. The Press operates on a modified cash accounting system and generates approximately $3.5 million in revenue to underwrite its operations. The Press reports to the Dean of Libraries and Scholarly Communications.

Mission and Values. The Press publishes original scholarly, peer-reviewed research (books, journals, and other forms of research) in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for worldwide scholarly communities. The Press disseminates this research to international libraries, institutions, and scholars at affordable prices and at the highest quality. The press also serves the citizens of Pennsylvania by publishing on topics related to the history, culture, literature, society, politics, and future of Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. Chief values for the Press both within and outside the University include: a national and international commitment to education, dissemination and access, diversity, collaboration, quality, and integrity.

Finances. The Press, a not-for-profit entity that operates on a modified cash accounting system, anticipates FY 2017 budgeted income of approximately $3.5M to underwrite its operations. It receives a direct budget allocation of approximately 10.9% of its operating income (about $400K) to cover its budgeted operating expenses of $3.7M. Because of carryovers and accounts receivables, it operates with a small positive result. It carries a cash reserve of $500K. Salaries (for 30 staff) account for roughly 45% of the Press’s operating budget, manufacturing costs for books and journals makes up 40%; royalty payments account for 3%; and operational costs run around 14%. Investment in a vigorous journals publishing program and an anticipated investment in backlist digitization for ebooks will result in an even stronger financial result within two-three years.

Key strategic priorities for 2017-2020

  1. implement title management system presswide;
  2. seek growth in publishing output;
  3. increase quality of book acquisitions;
  4. expand journals program;
  5. increase international presence of the Press.

The chair then introduced our list of committee charges for the year.

1) Jointly with the Senate Committee on Committees and Rules, consider amending the Bylaws mandating access to the Senate’s digital archives for all University Senators. [The LIST committee will take the lead on drafting changes to the bylaws.]

A subcommittee was formed to take on this task.
Eric Walker (chair), Chelsey Wood, Mary Beth Clark.
A draft will be brought before the committee at the next LIST meeting.

2) Consider drafting an informational or advisory consultative report concerning the ongoing deficiencies with the University’s video conferencing technologies. Make recommendations on ways to improve the reliability and quality of the technology.

It was noted that significant progress has been made in video conferencing since the charge was initially discussed.

A concern was raised that since students have no access to 25 live, they may have difficulty in reserving rooms for meetings and study groups.  At some campuses students can reserve rooms through student affairs.

3) Draft an informational or advisory/consultative report to provide input on a possible new email and calendaring system.

Approximately 44 E-mails systems are currently used throughout the University.  Webmail for students will be replaced.  A cloud-based system such as Office 360 is being considered.  E-mail for Penn State Health may pose additional security concerns as contents may include patient information (HIPAA).

4) Sponsor an informational report on the activities of the Penn State University Press.

Our guest Patrick Alexander will prepare an informational report and a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation for the next faculty senate meeting by Friday September 15.  The committee gave the chair the authority to approve the report and presentation.

5) Hold a discussion about ways to improve The University Faculty Senate’s website. Identify important items, which should be readily accessible from the homepage. Consider drafting a “Senate Priority” page with comprehensive list of all Standing Committee charges, and the status of the priority as per the last Senate meeting.

A subcommittee was formed to take on this task.
Anna Mazzucato (chair), Fred Aebli, Joseph Enama.
Problems discussed included “it was very difficult to find things on the site” and “there was no pages dedicated to the charges of the various committees.”

6)Sponsor an Informational report from IT on Analytics and Business Intelligence.

 To be addressed at a later meeting.

7)Sponsor an informational report from IT on Augmented and Virtual Reality.

To be addressed at a later meeting.

8)Sponsor an informational report from Libraries on the Penn State Open Access Initiative.

Evaluate the findings of the task force on open access.
Possibly to be discussed at the March LIST committee meeting for presentation at the April faculty senate meeting.

9)Sponsor the Libraries Annual Collections Budget Report.

To be addressed at a later meeting.

The chair asked the committee if there were any other charges the group should take on and none were offered.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.

Minutes prepared by Vice-Chair Eric Walker.

April 25, 2017

Present: Fred Aebli, Robert Bridges, William Butler (Chair), Mary Beth Clark, Ann Clemens, Barbara Dewey, Joseph Enama, Athena Jackson (Guest) Michael Kubit, Ann Langley, Anna Mazzucato (Vice-Chair), Peter Rinehart (Guest), Ira Ropson, Joe Salem, Bradley Sottile, Richard Sparrow (Guest), Eric Walker

Absent: Sandy Confer, Marina Cotarelo, Karen Estlund, Nestor Handzy (replacement for Anna Mazzucato while on sabbatical), Fynn Mott, Terry O’Heron, Kimlyn Patishnock, Lydia Scheel, Jennifer Sparrow

  1. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of 24 January 2017: meeting minutes were approved.
  2. Apologies for Absence: Lydia Scheel could not attend the meeting, Peter Rinehart attended in her place
  3. Report on IT Security Strategy and Policy: Richard Sparrow, Director of Security Operations, reported on implementation of the IT security strategy developed by the new Chief Information Officer, Donald Welch. This new strategy is rooted in the principles of consistency, uniformity, and efficiency across the different PSU units, and a view of IT as service to the University This new streamlined approach has already received positive feedback.
  4. Comments from the Chair: there were no comments from the Chair.
  5. Comments from the Dean – Barbara Dewey: Dean Dewey reported on the creation of a new Library staff position. Julia Thompson, formerly in industry positions and library positions at the University of Washington and the University of Michigan, where she worked with digital collections, was recruited for this position. Thompson has been tasked, among other duties, to map library collections across all PSU campuses. Another new position was filled, concerning rare and archival collections. Athena Jackson was hired for this position. Dr. Jackson reported to LIST on her efforts to inventory all special collections at libraries across all campuses. A guiding document is being prepared for storing and cataloging such collections. Dr. Jackson has extensive experience in the matter. She has just being nominated Chair of Rare and Special   Collections of the Association of College   Libraries. Dr.   Jackson stressed the importance of archival collections, not just for institutional memory, but also for documenting Pennsylvania and US history and for student engagement with Penn State culture.
  6. Comments from the Vice Provost – Michael Kubit: Michael Kubit, Vice Provost for Information Technology added to Richard Sparrow’s remarks that a data-centric approach to IT is at the core of the new strategy being implemented, leading to increased flexibility in security practices and their enforcement. A draft of the new IT Security Policy was circulated to the Committee. The University will likely move towards a unified calendar/email system using third-party software, which will free resources to implement in-house products when necessary. The University will pursue partnership with third-party vendors and seek to use modern analytics tools to tailor IT response to specific needs within the University. Dr. Kubit also reported on an on-going, nation-wide effort to recruit top IT professionals in high level positions, while retaining and exploiting the IT expertise already present at Penn State. One Committee member stressed the need for more effective training of faculty and staff on best practices for IT security. The Chair commented that expertise already present at Penn State, not just in IT, but also in patent negotiation and legal liability for example, should be tapped.
  7. Open Educational Resources (OER) Task Force Report Implementation: Joe Salem reported on the on-going implementation of the OER report. A new working group, featuring more faculty involvement, began working in January. One library position, specifically devoted to OER, was opened and a nation-wide search is under way. Several pilots are being implemented, in particular with respect to student access to course resources and impact on student fees. A systematic licensing system for electronic course resources within the World Campus through the existing library e-reserve system will be deployed in the Summer. Such initiative will likely be extended to other University units in the near future. An item of particular focus is a Faculty Development Program through seeding grants.
  8. Annual Report from Penn State University on matters of interest to LIST: at the request of the Chair, a motion was unanimously voted upon to present a formal request to the Senate Chair. If approved, Penn State University Press will be asked to report to LIST on a regular basis.
  9. Progress on Committee Reports for 2016/17: reports on all other items on the agenda were deferred to Fall 2017: [C] Learning Technologies for Classrooms: Exploring educational uses of research computing; [E] Engaged Scholarship Support by Libraries and ITS; [F] Research Data Management Support Needs.
  10. Other business: No other business was discussed.
  11. Adjournment: the meeting adjourned at 10:45 PM. Prepared by LIST Vice-Chair A. Mazzucato.

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March 14, 2017 (Rescheduled for March 21, 2017)

Meeting cancelled.  Members unable to attend due to rescheduling.

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January 24, 2017

Members Present: Fred Aebli (by phone), William Butler (Chair), Ann Clements, Barbara Dewey, Mary Beth Clark (by phone), Joseph Enama, Michael Kubit, Anna Mazzucato (Vice-Chair), Ira Ropson, Lydia Scheel, Jennifer Sparrow, Eric Walker.

Members Absent:   Robert Bridges, Anna Mazzucato (on sabbatical), Fynn Mott, Terry O’Heron, Brad Sottile.

Guests: Karen Estlund, Kimlyn Patishnock, Joe Salem.

The minutes of the LIST Committee meeting on December 6, 2016 were approved.

There were none.

The Committee met at 9:00 AM in 510A Paterno Library. There were no remarks from the Chair or the Library Dean. The Chair introduced the new Vice Provost, Michael Kubit, who spoke of the core mission of the information sciences to support research and teaching. The Committee turned to a discussion of the agenda items.

Dean Dewey reported that the Provost had approved without change the Open Educational Resource (OER) Task Force Report. It was suggested that LIST might refer the OER Report to the Senate for information. The Committee warmly supported that recommendation.

LIST recognized that the implementation of the University Senate resolution on open access to scholarly publications was a matter that went far beyond the Committee itself, but believed that the Committee had performed its role with respect to implementation of the resolution and would now await further instructions, if any.

Learning technologies for classrooms continues to be before the Committee but remains on hold.

The Library had submitted an updated Library Report on Acquisitions Policies which embedded digital data bases for the first time. This Report will be submitted to the March meeting of the University Senate.

The Library also submitted for the first time a Report on Special Collection. This Report will be submitted to the March meeting of the University Senate.

With respect to engaged scholarship and the role of the Libraries and ITS, it was reported that the Library will make a student engagement appointment on a full-time basis, probably an early-career librarian with well-developed social media skills. The Library anticipates an active and substantial role in engaged scholarship activities within the University.

Given the appointment of a new Vice Provost, further action will be deferred with respect to a cybersecurity report from LIST, data management practices, and a report on the current status and long-term planning to sustain demand for network bandwidth and wireless capabilities. It was observed that certain data bases outside the University and under the purview of federal agends are subject to being tampered with or even removed for what are politically-motivated reasons.

The Committee discussed the need to balance legitimate need for more study space with the desirability of making printed material directly accessible to faculty and students. The Chair submitted a first draft document outlining the Committee recommendations to the Senate Chair on Library space planning. A final version will be discussed at the March meeting, with additional input anticipated from the Library with regard to measures being instituted to accommodate more students.

There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 A.M.

Prepared by the Chair.

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December 6, 2016

Members Present: Fred Aebli , William Butler (Chair), Barbara Dewey, Mary Beth Clark (by phone), Joseph Enama, Anna Mazzucato (Vice-Chair), Ira Ropson, Brad Sottile, Eric Walker.

Members Absent:   Robert Bridges, Ann Clemens, Ken Forstmeier, Fynn Mott, Terry O’Heron, Lydia Scheel, Jennifer Sparrow.

Guests: James G. Keyzer-Andre, Anne Langley, Verne Neff, Joe Salem.

The minutes of the LIST Committee meeting on October 16, 2016 were approved .

The Chair presented apologies for absence from Ann Clemens.


Those present toured the last two Library Annex Buildings (Academic Activities and Scientific Stores). The group met at 8 AM in front of Paterno Library and returned to Paterno Library at 9 AM to tour Pattee Library’s Central Stacks, and the second floor of Paterno Library. The group was accompanied again by Verne Neff, Manager Collection Maintenance and Annex, and James G. Keyzer-Andre, Annex Team Leader. The visit to the Annex Buildings focused on conservation and digitization efforts for films and microfilms, and special collections in general. The visit to Paterno and Pattee stacks focused on efficient stacking and cataloging, on accessibility (with a visit to the Government and International Documents Sections), and on re-purposing library space.

The Committee continued the meeting at 9:30 AM in 510A Paterno Library with remarks from the Chair and Library Dean, and with a discussion of the agenda items.

The Committee discussed the need to balance legitimate need for more study space with the desirability of making printed material directly accessible to faculty ad students. The Chair will prepare a first draft of a document, outlining the Committee recommendations to the Senate Chair on Library space planning. This draft will be discussed at the January meeting.

Dean Dewey announced the award of a grant in the amount of $237,000 from the Mellon Foundation to digitize collections, and updated the Committee on an in-depth report to the Provost on Library renovations, available in the near future. This report includes a 5-year budget plan to achieve the Library mission.

Joe Salem updated the Committee on the report from the Open Educational Resources (OER) Task Force. The report has been presented to Deans, with positive response, and will be presented to the Provost in the coming weeks. It will be available on BoardEffect afterwards. Dean Dewey and Joe Salem also commented on the strong effort, directly and through partnership with faculty, by the Libraries to educate on responsible use of digital and non-digital resources in teaching and research.

Fred Aebli reported on improvements in the implementation of Data Security Practices. He met with the new VP for IT, Michael Kubit, and with Richard Sparrow, Acting Security Operations Manager, and reported on the successful deployment of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and on improvements in PII (Personal Identifiable Information) scans. No actionable report is expected at this time.

All other agenda items were deferred to January.


There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.

Prepared by Vice-Chair Anna Mazzucato.

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October 18, 2016

Members Present:  William Butler (Chair), Mary Beth Clark, Ann Clemens, Joseph Enama, Ken Forstmeier, Anna Mazzucato (Vice-Chair), Ira Ropson, Lydia Scheel, Brad Sottile.

Members Absent:   Fred Aebli, Robert Bridges, Barbara Dewey, Fynn Mott, Terry O’Heron, Jennifer Sparrow, Eric Walker.

Guests: James G. Keyzer-Andre, Anne Langley, Verne Neff, Joe Salem.


The minutes of the LIST meeting on September 6, 2016 were approved (motion by Brad Sottile, second by Ira Ropson).


The Chair presented apologies for absence from Fed Aebli (LionPath-related issues), Robert Bridges, and Eric Walker. The Chair introduced the Interim Vice Provost for IT, Ken Forstmeier, to the Committee.


Those present toured two Library Annex Buildings (the two biggest ones) at Cato Park. The group met at 8 AM in front of Paterno Library and returned to Paterno Library at 10 AM to continue the meeting. The group was accompanied by Verne Neff, Manager Collection Maintenance and Annex, and James G. Keyzer-Andre, Annex Team Leader. The group learned, in particular, about PSU’s unique implementation of the Harvard cataloging system, and conservation efforts for special collections. The Committee members plan to tour the last two Annex buildings during the December 6, 2016, meeting. The Chair commented on the desirability of allowing faculty access to the Annex to browse the stacks.

Ken Forstmeier updated the Committee on the search for the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and the VP (Vice President) for Research. Candidates have been identified and nominations are expected soon.

Joe Salem was asked about the status of the OER (Open Education Resources) report. It is essentially ready. It will be presented to the Committee at the December meeting. The issue of student fees (none foreseen at the moment) was specifically discussed.

All other items on the agenda are left for the December meeting or Spring Semester meetings.


No new business was discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

Prepared by Vice-Chair Anna Mazzucato.

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September 6, 2016

Members Present: Fred Aebli, Robert Bridges, William Butler (Chair), Mary Beth Clark, Ann Clemens, Barbara Dewey, Joseph Enama, Anna Mazzucato (Vice-Chair),  Fynn Mott, Ira Ropson, Lydia Scheel,Brad Sottile, Jennifer Sparrow, Eric Walker

Members Absent:  Terry O’Heron, John Hardwood (retired)

Guests: Karen Estlund, Joe Salem


The minutes of the LIST meeting on April 19, 2016 were approved (motion by Joe Enama, second by Ann Clemens).


The Chair announced:  1) John Hardwood has retired from the University, and will no longer be a member of the Committee; 2)  Ken Forstmeier has been appointed as interim Vice Provost for IT, replacing Matthew Decker, moving to ARL.

Dean Barbara Dewey announced the Libraries Open House for Freshman to be held 8-9 September 2016.


Joe Salem reported on Open Educational Resources (OER): a report is almost ready for Provost approval, then will be released to the Committee. The focus is on a blended learning model, leveraging experience in instructional design at Penn State. There will be an opportunity to participate in the nation-wide Open Book Initiative and a hosting strategy utilizing the Unizin platform. The Library already is working on reducing textbook costs through a systematic approach to licensing, improve course reserve. Timeline is next academic year.

Last year items (see Agenda for meeting):

  1. [A] Implementation of Open Access Resolution (adopted April 28 by Faculty Senate): Library staff will present at next Committee meeting, focusing on ScholarSphere.
  2. [B] Input on Office of Information Security (OIS) guidelines and procedure: search for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is still underway, postponed to Spring 2017.
  3. [C] Exploring education use of research computing: there was some discussion about access to computing resources at UP for educational use from Commonwealth campuses; it was suggested that pulling Commonwealth resources together may make efficient use of current underutilized resources. The possibility of forming an Ad-Hoc Subcommittee that will report in the Spring, led by the Vice-Chair will be explored.
  4. [D]Updates on Library Report: the Chair reported on the positive feedback from last year’s Library Report. An update will be presented at the December Committee meeting.
  5. [E,F] Library Special Collections and Digital databases: the creation of an online and printed manual to navigate Special Collections and their content was agreed.
  6. [I] Engaged Scholarship: Joe Salem reported on what is Engaged Scholarship and on progress on the report. A report will be presented at the December Committee meeting; the focus has been on community-based learning and involvement of satellite campuses.
  7. [J] Research Data Management Support: Dean Dewey reported on a meeting with the Vice-President for Research; the emphasis is on Data Security spurred by Federal mandates. Several initiatives are underway to streamline the process of securing data and data categorization for faculty and staff. An informational report from the Libraries will be presented in the Spring.
  8. [K] Report on Improvement of Data Security Practices: Fred Aebli reported on progress with implementation of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA); implementation is progressing steadily; an informational report may be presented in December.
  9. [P] Best Practices in Managing and Storing Research Data:  it was suggested that this item should be part of Research Data management. Information Technology will have a report on ANGEL/CANVAS migration in the spring.


The Chair reported on the Priority Form for the LIST Committee in 2016-2017. The main discussion, per Senate Chair request, will concern the most efficient use of library facilities and off-site storage for library items. It has been suggested that bound journals are now housed in Paterno-Pattee that are available in electronic form might be moved to the Annexes to free space. It was noted that journal access and practices differ significantly between humanities and the sciences. The Committee will tour the Library Annexes on October 18, 2016 at 8 AM. Dean Dewey will arrange the visit.

New items (see Agenda for meeting):

  1. [H] Digital Portal Management: request comes from outside of the Committee. The use of a third-party portal has been suggested with Library and IT implications; no actionable items at this time.
  2. [L] New member document: the Chair will prepare and circulate a document before the next meeting.
  3. [M] Report on Cybersecurity at Penn State: Jennifer Sparrow suggested to add a representative from OIS to the Committee, the Chair will coordinate with the Senate on this point.
  4. [N] Review Senate Web Page: request comes from Faculty Senate Chair, committee members will report directly.
  5. [O] Demand for Network Bandwidth and Wireless Capabilities, Off-Site Access and Storage: Jennifer Sparrow will report in the Spring.

Other business:

  1. A question was raised if Research Computing items should be joint between LIST and Research Committees.
  2. Jennifer suggested that the Committee tour the Library Tech Learning facilities (different and new types available). Item for a meeting in the Spring.
  3. Requests for an update on Elion implementation, and an update on 2FA for students, especially regarding integration with Testing Center facilities were made.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 AM.

Prepared by Vice-Chair Anna Mazzucato.
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