President’s Response: Moving Forward Embedding Diversity Policy

DATE:        May 23, 2016
FROM:       Eric J. Barron
TO:             James A. Strauss

Thank you for the opportunity to review the Advisory and Consultative reports (Diversity Best Practices and Moving Forward Embedding Diversity Policy), which were prepared by the Joint Diversity Awareness Task Force (JDATF) and passed by the University Faculty Senate on April 19, 2016.

I appreciate the Task Force’s hard work and effort that was dedicated to the preparation of each report.  I would like to retain both reports as informative references as we look to implement the University’s Strategic Plan and more specifically our section on Fostering and Embarking a Diversity World.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to review these items.

Cc: Blannie E. Bowen
Daniel R. Hagen
Nicholas P. Jones
Marcus A. Whitehurst