34-20 Registration-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 3/17/15 revisions

Students register at specified times and locations for credit courses. Although the registration procedures are generally uniform, there are variations at some locations. Information on registration for courses offered through Continuing Education is available from the Office of Continuing Education at each location or service area.

Students are strongly urged to consult with their adviser before registering for any credit course regardless of delivery system. No student shall be permitted to be enrolled for more than a typical credit load (see Section 34-52) in any one semester by all delivery systems without consultation with the student’s academic adviser.

No student is permitted to register for another student or to permit anyone to register on the student’s behalf. Students are expected to register during the assigned time.

Students are not considered officially enrolled unless tuition and charges for the semester have been paid or arrangements for payment have been made.

C-2 Registration

Revised: 8/7/73
Revised Editorially: 3/2/76
Revised: 4/23/13