43-00 Syllabus-ARCHIVE

ARCHIVE – before 4/19/16 revisions

A written (paper or electronic form) syllabus must be distributed to students in each course on or before the first class meeting. In addition to course content and expectations, the syllabus must include contact information for all course instructors, the course examination policy, grade breakdown by assessment type and percentage, required course materials, and the academic integrity policy for the course, and information on procedures related to academic adjustments identified by Student Disability Resources. Changes to the syllabus shall also be given to the student in written (paper or electronic) form.

R-5 Syllabus

Initial Legislation: 12/4/01
Revised: 4/24/12
Revised: 9/10/13
Revised Editorially: 7/5/16 (updated Student Disability Resources)