43-00 Syllabus

Revisions to this policy were approved at the March 17, 2020 Senate meeting. These revisions are pending implementation procedures. For more information, view the legislation.

Syllabus Language for Required and COVID-19 Related Topics

A written (paper or electronic form) syllabus must be distributed to students in each course on or before the first class meeting. Changes to the syllabus shall also be given to the student in written (paper or electronic) form. In addition to course content, expectations, and location of the program, the syllabus must include the following information:

Inherent to course:

  • Course examination policy;
  • Grade breakdown by assessment type and percentage;
  • Required course materials;
  • Course Goals and Objectives.

Course Goals are broad educational benchmarks describing general understanding and knowledge domains in each course.

Course Objectives are more specific, should map to broader course goals, and represent unique, focused skill sets with learning outcomes that are assessable.

Both Goals and Objectives should reflect the most current course description on record.  Each Penn State course should offer similar educational and knowledge domain experiences regardless of campus location and adhere to Senate Policy 42-10, referred to as the 80%/20% course content rule. 

  • Academic integrity policy for the course;
  • Information on
    • procedures related to academic adjustments identified by the Office of Student Disability Resources,
    • reporting educational equity concerns through the Report Bias website, and
    • available Counseling & Psychological Services.

Inherent to instructor:

  • Contact information for all course instructors

Related resources:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Student Disability Resources
  • Educational Equity/Report Bias
  • Counseling and Psychological Services

R-5 Syllabus

Initial Legislation: 12/4/01
Revised: 4/24/12
Revised: 9/10/13
Revised Editorially: 7/5/16 (updated Student Disability Resources)
Revised: 4/19/16 – Effective Fall 2016 – Archive
Revised: 10/18/16
Revised: 3/14/17
Revised: 4/25/17