Appendix I



Revision to Standing Rules; Article II – Curricular Affairs, Section 6-c


Implementation: Upon Approval By the Senate


In recent years, the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs (SCCA) has experienced an expansion in such areas as subcommittees, scope of curricular review (including but not limited to certificate programs, general education recertification, general education and five-year reviews, and prerequisite updates), and representation on standing and special committees.  A review and recertification of US/IL courses is forthcoming (See Appendix “D”, 4-19-16).

To define and distribute the duties of the Curricular Affairs leadership, the SCCA has had two vice chairs appointed over the past two academic years.  In the interest of allowing the continuation of the practice of appointing two vice chairs and to define the role of each vice chair, changes to the Standing Rules Article II, Section 6-c are outlined below.


It is recommended that the Standing Rules Article II, section 6-c be replaced with the following text.

Please note that the following contains bold text for additions. Added text is notated with [Add] [End Add].

Article II, Section 6-c

(c) Committee on Curricular Affairs

  1. Membership:
  1. At least 17 elected faculty senators including one faculty senator from each college at University Park and one faculty senator from each of Abington, Altoona, Berks, Erie, Harrisburg, and the University College.
  2. Two undergraduate student senators
  3. A member of the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (selected by ACUE)*
  4. Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications or representative*
  5. Chair of the Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses*
  1. Selection: [Add] Committee members shall be selected by [End Add] the Committee on Committees and Rules. [Add] One Chair and two vice chairs shall be chosen from the elected faculty senate members. [End Add]
  2. Duties: The Committee on Curricular Affairs shall review, evaluate, and approve or reject all course and curriculum proposals including proposals to limit program enrollment submitted by the various departments, colleges, and other appropriate units of the University that have not received delegation or responsibility in this area from the Senate. With regard to program enrollment limitations, restrictions proposed for academic reasons are subject to approval or rejection while restrictions proposed for resource restraints are subject only to consultative review. The Committee shall study the existing courses and curricula of the University with reference to the needs of students and opportunities for service to the Commonwealth and make recommendations for changes where appropriate. It shall develop criteria for evaluating courses and curricula and recommend procedures for handling courses and curriculum proposals. It shall have oversight of the following subcommittees: Bachelors of Arts, Certificates, General Education, Integrative Studies, Retention and Transfer, United States and International Cultures, and Writing. [Add] It shall disperse vice chair duties such that one vice chair shall oversee General Education efforts including serving as subcommittee chair for General Education and Integrative Studies subcommittees, and one vice chair shall support all general business of the committee and shall oversee at least two remaining subcommittees. [End Add] It shall make recommendations to Senate Council on the establishment, reorganization, or discontinuation of organizational units pursuant to Council duties specified in Article II, Section 1 (d) of the Bylaws. It shall maintain such liaison with University administration and faculty as may be necessary for the implementation of these procedures.


  • Jonathan Abel
  • Michael Bérubé
  • Victor Brunsden
  • Mark Casteel
  • Ann Clements
  • Beth King
  • Richard Robinett
  • Keith Shapiro
  • James Strauss
  • Jane Sutton
  • Ann Taylor
  • Kent Vrana, Chair
  • Nicole Webster, Vice Chair
  • Matthew Woessner