Appendix L



Pattee Library Renovations and Courtyard Infill Project


In 2009, the Penn State University Libraries completed a multi-phase plan to transform portions of the Pattee-Paterno Library facility into a collaborative Knowledge Commons environment. The first very successful phase was constructed in 2009.

  • Over the past several years, Penn State has invested over $11 million to complete further phases.
  • Most of the approximately 29,000 square feet of work for this phase is on the ground floor.
  • The existing floor plan will be reconfigured to include a Knowledge Commons-themed renovation to an approximately 17,000 square foot portion of West Pattee, including a large flexible meeting/seminar room, student group study rooms, and numerous informal gathering and reading areas.
  • A formerly underutilized interior courtyard will be infilled. The new space will improve way finding and connectivity between the Central and West Pattee portions of the library and provide much-needed student collaboration spaces.
  • An enabling project in the courtyard this summer allowed us to minimize student impact, secure steel material and pricing prior to the current upswing, reduce the construction duration by one month, and to move the construction completion date forward by six months to better align with the academic calendar.

An improved entrance will lead to a renewed exterior terrace.

  • The changes to the upper floors are associated with the courtyard infill, including the upper portion of the atrium on the first floor.
  • The second and third floors will include open office and focus rooms and the third floor will also include a digital lab and conference rooms.
  • The construction finishes will be complementary to the existing adjacent spaces.
  • Of note: The enabling “Starbucks” project in the Paterno Library is a great success.  It is Starbuck’s 6000th licensed store and opened August 20th.  It is one of the largest stores on a college campus and it serves approximately 2,000 customers on a weekly average.
  • The total project budget for the Pattee Library Renovations and Courtyard Infill is $17.3 million.


  • Fred Aebli, Vice chair
  • Mary Beth Clark
  • Barbara Dewey
  • Roger Egolf, Chair
  • David Han
  • Michal Kubit
  • John Messner
  • Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
  • Francesca Ruggiero
  • Shuan Shen
  • Harold Smith
  • Jennifer Sparrow
  • Cristina Truica