Voting Instructions

Please follow the instructions below for using Poll Everywhere to vote during Senate plenary meetings. As a current Faculty Senator, an account has been set up for you to vote. A Senate office staff member will be monitoring the incoming votes, and your votes will be anonymous, meaning that your name and/or email are not connected to your vote, even though you are logged in.

Poll Everywhere supports the following internet browsers:

  • Chrome (version 68 or later)
  • Safari (version 11 or later)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox (version 68 or later)
  • Edge (version 17 or later)

To vote, please follow this link: Poll Everywhere. The following images are for reference only to show you what you will see.

    • An account has been set up for you to use for voting at Senate plenary meetings.Poll Everywhere Screenshot - registration
    1. Under “Log in to Poll Everywhere” enter your entire email address (e.g.,
    2. Click “NextPoll Everywhere Screenshot - password
    3. Enter the password senate1 (Text Case Sensitive-Must use all lower case letters for senate and the number 1)
      • Please note that if you already have an account (for your classes, for instance) and the senate1 password does not work for you, use the password you have already set up and continue following the instructions below.
      • Alternatively, you can use the link to reset your password and reset it to senate1 and continue following the instructions below.
    4. Click “Log in”Poll Everywhere Screenshot - join
    5. Your registration is now complete. Click “Home
    6. When you click on “Home” Poll Everywhere Home Button  at the top left of your page, you will see the screenshot below requesting the username for the presentation.Type facultysenate (all lower case letters; no spaces) in place of the blue “username” text and click “Join.” This is the username for the presenter, not you as the participant.Poll Everywhere Screenshot - presenter
    7. You know you are in the right place if you see this:
      Poll Everywhere Screenshot - Waiting for Poll
    8. A poll will appear on your screen when a vote is ready to be taken. The poll will appear as shown here:
      Poll Everywhere Screenshot - Active Poll
    9. Select A to ACCEPT or B to REJECT*
  • You may only vote one time, but as long as polling is active for a particular vote, you can change your vote by clicking “clear last response” and selecting your vote again (as shown below).
    Poll Everywhere Screenshot - Clear Response

*After you vote on the first poll, stay on that page for all voting. Each time a vote is finished, you will see the previous poll disappear, and when it is time for a new vote, you will see a new poll appear on the screen.

After all voting has finished for the meeting, you may log out by clicking “Profile” and “Log Out.” Or, if you prefer, you can stay logged in for the next time you use the application.

If you have questions concerning the voting procedure, please email Anna Butler at