Retention and Transfer Proposal Form


Proposals for additions in the minimum academic requirements for entrance into a college, major, or option, or retention in a college, major, or option, are submitted for review and approval by the Subcommittee on Retention and Transfer. Submit 2 copies of the proposal to the University Curriculum Coordinator at the University Faculty Senate Office, 101 Kern Graduate Building. Announcement of approved proposals will be published in the Senate Curriculum Report and in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin.

Department or Instructional Area

Check one of the following: Entrance requirement _____ Retention requirement _____

REQUESTED POLICY (include the more restrictive academic requirement in a format as you wish it to appear in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin)



JUSTIFICATION (include academic reasons for the requested policy presenting a summary of the data used in documenting the desirability of the proposed policy, following the guidelines of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education – Appendix C: 2-18-92)



CONSULTATION (attach consultation from all college deans and departments offering the program)



For current programs, the effective date will be two (2) years in the future to apply to the next incoming class of first year students. For new programs, the effective date will be the first semester that the program is available following approval from the Board of Trustees


SUBMITTED BY _________________________________________________ Date ____
Head of Department (or person in charge of Instructional Area)
REVIEWED BY _________________________________________________ Date ____
College Representative to Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs
APPROVED BY _________________________________________________ Date ____
Dean of College (or appropriate administrative officer)
REV 11/6/03