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The University Faculty Senate is the representative body of Penn State’s faculty with legislative authority on all matters pertaining to the educational interests of the University and all educational matters that concern the faculties of more than one college. In addition, the Senate is recognized by the University as an advisory and consultative body to the President on all matters that may affect the attainment of the University’s educational objectives.

Faculty Senate News

Faculty Senate Plenary meetings will have new start time beginning January.

The Faculty Senate Plenary meetings will now begin at 1:00 p.m. instead of 1:30 p.m. as they have in the past.
The new start time will begin with the January 28, 2020 meeting.

Watch December 3, 2019 Senate Meeting via Mediasite

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Senate Response to USCC (Geoff Mamerow)    USCC (Geoff Mamerow) Response to Senate

Penn State Reponse to COIA and NCAA 2019

Senate Response to Academic Integrity Report

Senate Response Memo to UG Math Memorandum

Accessible versions of these documents are available upon request at senate@psu.edu.

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