Appendix E


(Alternate resolution submitted and approved during the Senate meeting.)


Judy Ozment, Penn State Abington


The following resolution was introduced as New Business by the Abington Campus Faculty at the December 6, 2016 University Faculty Senate Meeting, through a motion made by Judy Ozment.

As directed in the Senate Rules, this resolution will be discussed and may be voted on at the January 24, 2017 meeting.

Be It Resolved that:

We, the University Faculty Senate of Penn State, hereby declare that our university has been and will continue to be a refuge of justice for and acceptance of students, employees, and community members of all backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations.

We reject the divisive, racist, sexist, and bigoted language and policies expressed during the recent presidential election campaign and the violence and hate crimes carried out since that time.

We reaffirm our commitment to pluralism, inclusivity, and equity as core values of our institution and declare that we will vigorously defend these values against hatred and bigotry—coming from inside or outside our community.

Alternate resolution submitted by Mohamad Ansari, on behalf of Senate Leadership – Approved during Senate meeting

“The University Faculty Senate of The Pennsylvania State University affirms its commitment to pluralism, inclusiveness, and equity as core values and declares we will vigorously defend these values against hatred and bigotry.”