Joint Diversity Awareness Task Force (2015)

The Joint Diversity Awareness Task Force is reinstated with new charge and new membership. Specifically, the Task Force is charged to:

  • Continue to undertake a review of issues related to cultural awareness, curricular and out-of-class climate changes which could enhance the environment for all students across the University;
  • Continue to work with and contribute to any eff01i relating to curricular programs, including general education and engaged scholarship;
  • Contribute to the President’s “Student Career and Economic Development” Imperative in coordination with the Provost and the Office of the President;
  • Assess the document “A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State” paying particular attention how the Faculty Senate can assist with the following Framework challenges:

Creating a Welcoming Campus Climate, Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Work Force,

Developing a Curriculum That Fosters United States and International Cultural Competencies;

  • Explore creation of a framework for advancing diversity and inclusion that goes beyond the current Framework to Foster Diversi ty; and,
  • Conduct an analysis of the current US and IL diversity courses across the This includes gathering data, considering the ways in which outcomes are monitored and systems of accountability. Such a study should benchmark across CIC Institutions as it relates to the course content that focuses on diversity, and consider alternative models to monitoring and accountability.