Awards and Scholarships

Each year the Office of Student Aid facilitates for the Faculty Senate the awarding of University Scholarships that have been designated as Faculty Senate Scholarships. Funds for these scholarships are generated from endowments. Most all of the scholarships require both financial need and merit for consideration. The scholarships are awarded to students who have reached at least the second year of enrollment at Penn State.

The Office of Student Aid, using guidelines developed by the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid, ensures the equitable distribution of these scholarships across all colleges and Penn State campuses. Each location is allotted a number of awards in proportion to their enrollments and staff and faculty at each location submit nominations of recipients for the scholarships.

The University Faculty Senate has been awarding these scholarships since 1973 when 179 students received $46,883. For the 2018-2019 academic year, 247 students will receive a total of $268,442, with the average award being $1000. Awards range from $880 to $2,213.