Curricular Affairs


The Committee on Curricular Affairs shall review, evaluate, and approve or reject all course and curriculum proposals including proposals to limit program enrollment submitted by the various departments, colleges, and other appropriate units of the University that have not received delegation or responsibility in this area from the Senate. With regard to program enrollment limitations, restrictions proposed for academic reasons are subject to approval or rejection while restrictions proposed for resource restraints are subject only to consultative review.

The Committee shall study the existing courses and curricula of the University with reference to the needs of students and opportunities for service to the Commonwealth and make recommendations for changes where appropriate. It shall develop criteria for evaluating courses and curricula and recommend procedures for handling courses and curriculum proposals.

It shall have oversight of the following subcommittees: Bachelors of Arts, Certificates, General Education, Integrative Studies, Retention and Transfer, United States and International Cultures, and Writing. It shall make recommendations to Senate Council on the establishment, reorganization, or discontinuation of organizational units pursuant to Council duties specified in Article II, Section 1 (d) of the Bylaws. It shall maintain such liaison with University administration and faculty as may be necessary for the implementation of these procedures.