Educational Equity and Campus Environment


The Committee on Educational Equity and Campus Environment, in conjunction with other Senate Committees and other bodies outside of the University Faculty Senate (e.g., Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity), will recommend policy and advise the University on activities to improve the campus environment and educational equity across the entire University at all of its campuses. The Committee will initiate joint explorations and investigations with other Senate standing committees to ensure diversity and equity issues are integrated throughout Senate deliberations.

It shall be the Senate advisory body to the Vice Provost for Educational Equity. The purview of the Committee shall include but not be limited to recruitment efforts, admissions policy, housing practices, curriculum review and development, graduation demographics, student life issues and outreach as they relate to matters of equity and diversity. The Committee will not only participate in the current strategic planning activities for the University but will also develop and maintain an action plan for the University Faculty Senate specifically addressing the challenges as outlined in the University’s diversity strategic plans.