Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology


The Committee on Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology shall advise the Senate and University administration on strategic issues involving the University Libraries and information technology. These include such areas as:

  • the use of information technology and University Libraries to support research, instruction and education;
  • information security, access, retrieval and content stewardship;
  • telecommunication and knowledge dissemination;
  • library access and information technology training;
  • collections and administrative issues;
  • and open access and scholarly communication issues.

It shall ensure an active faculty role in considering policies affecting the University Libraries and information systems, and supporting infrastructure. It shall carry on studies, surveys, and advisory activities either on request or under its own initiative. It shall be the Senate advisory body to the Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications and to the Vice Provost for Information Technology. One member of the committee shall serve on the Penn State Press Editorial Committee, and one member shall serve on the Faculty Advisory Committee on Academic Computing. It shall also maintain liaisons with other Senate committees, where appropriate, as well as with students and faculty University-wide through the Senate.