Undergraduate Education


The Committee on Undergraduate Education shall make recommendations on policies relating to all undergraduate instruction offered for credit by all delivery systems including Resident Instruction, Continuing and Distance Education, and Independent Learning. It shall serve as an advisory body to the University Faculty Senate on matters that may affect the attainment of the University’s undergraduate instruction and research objectives by all methods of delivery including all University services aiding teaching and learning including but not limited to the Division of Undergraduate Studies, the Schreyer Honors College, the Academic Assistance Program, the Instructional Development Program, and other student advising programs.It shall be the Senate’s review body for the academic standards in all areas of undergraduate instruction including all proficiency and placement tests offered by the University.

It shall make recommendations to Senate Council on the establishment, reorganization, or discontinuation of organizational units and areas in undergraduate education. The committee shall maintain liaison with the Libraries, Information Systems, and Technology Committee. Liaison will also be maintained with the Faculty Advisory Committee for the Schreyer Honors College and the University Committee on Testing and Assessment. It shall be the University Faculty Senate advisory body to the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education.