Student Petitions

What is a student petition?

When a student has not followed a policy listed in the Policies and Rules for Undergraduate Students and believes an exception to the policy may be warranted, he/she may submit a petition to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education’s Subcommittee on Academic Standards for consideration.

A petition may be used to request an exception to a policy and/or to request a retroactive procedure. The Senate committee does not grant petitions automatically. Strong, documented justification must be provided to establish the circumstances that warrant an exception. The most common petitions are retroactive withdrawals and retroactive late drops.

It is to the student’s advantage to submit a complete, well-documented petition. In a petition, students must describe extenuating circumstances beyond their control that affected their academic performance, and establish why they did not follow existing University policies/procedures before the established deadline.

Course substitutions and exceptions to degree requirements do not require a petition, and are handled through the college/campus where the student is enrolled. A petition is not required for correcting registration errors such as administrative course/registration cancellations or changing a grade, if the request is made before the deadline.

Retroactive Registration requests do require a Senate petition.

What types of petitions have students submitted in the past?

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Preparing a Petition

IMPORTANT: STUDENTS, please DO NOT send petition materials directly to the Faculty Senate office. It will cause a delay in the process.

Students initiate a petition by speaking with an adviser at their college/campus advising center. View details in the Student Petition Process.

View the Student Petition Process

Frequently Asked Questions about Petitions (FAQ’s)

Consultation Prior to Petition Submission

Student Petition Types with Required Components

Petition Forms

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